Join the Trojan Messenger staff


The 2019-2020 Trojan Messenger sign posing in front of Tunstall High School sign.

The Trojan Messenger is looking for students who have an interest in journalism and would like to join the staff for the 2020-2021 school year. If you enjoy writing, have school spirit, and can meet deadlines, then journalism is the perfect class for you.

The class is one semester, available to all grades, and can be taken more than once. As a staff member you can schedule interviews with students and faculty, get involved with school activities, and enter Tunstall games for free (as long as you take pictures or write an article about said event). The class also consists of writing articles about current events, school news, and much more.

 There are many jobs at the paper, this year we had an Editor-in-Chief, Copy Editor, Sports Editor, Features Editor, Photography Editor, and two Reporters. However, the larger the staff the more jobs become available, jobs that have been previously available are Social Media Manager, Photography Assistant, A&E Editor, Opinion Editor, and Humans of Tunstall Editor. 

The following are the staffs testimonies.

Daniella Espinoza: This was my first year on the Trojan Messenger staff and I was Editor-in-Chief. My job was to read all the articles before publication and make sure they were 100% ready to go. I also ran pitch meetings and made sure deadlines were met. I enjoyed being Editor-in-Chief and can’t wait to return for my senior year!

Julee Myers: What I love about being on the staff of the Trojan Messenger is the freedom it gives me. Not only does it give me the freedom to walk around the school and interview people, but it gives me the freedom to express my voice to a large audience. I love being able to go to sporting events and take pictures with the added bonus of getting in for free. I love the small crew this year, and I loved the filled class last year. This class gives me the opportunity to make new friends and interact with more people than I ever thought I would. 

Peyton McBride: I enjoyed being sports editor because it gave me a chance to talk about my favorite things. I loved being able to cover games and talk to our athletes. Being sports editor also gave me a chance to talk about my knowledge of sports. The Trojan Messenger is a great opportunity to talk and express your feelings about any topic. I highly recommend joining the staff.

Ca’ron Murphy: I really enjoyed being able to interview a lot of people around the school and receive different perspectives and experiences people have had in our community. The interviews are 100% my favorite part of being a Trojan Messenger journalist.

Brittney Ramirez: This class has helped to make me more social with the other students at THS. Before this semester I would’ve never thought of speaking to anyone outside of my friend group. But because of the interviews I had to do with students whose names I never knew of until I had to, I’m less introverted than I used to be. This class has also opened my eyes to other ways that a writer’s talent can be discovered and published. 

Jhalin Godwin: My favorite thing about journalism is being able to get out of class to interview other students. I also enjoyed using my press pass to get into games for free to take pictures of my favorite THS athletes.

Justin Earles: I like being part of the Trojan Messenger staff because you interact and talk to a lot of people around the school. You also get to get out of class a lot for interviews and pictures.

The Trojan Messenger is welcoming anyone who would like to join the staff. Throughout the semester the staff becomes a family, and we hope you’ll join us next school year.