Experience Woods of Terror

How will the Woods of Terror adapt during a pandemic?


Daniella Espinoza

Photo by Grayson Savio on Unsplash

Isabella White, Reporter

In the spirit of Halloween, I went to Woods of Terror in Greensboro, North Carolina.  I have been to the attraction multiple times and loved it. However, with new health regulations, there has been a lot of questioning whether or not it is worth the money. 

In the past, Woods of Terror had awful lines in order to just purchase tickets. This year to eliminate lines and encourage social distancing, it was decided that people who wanted to buy tickets on site would wait in the parking facility for workers to assist them. Everyone who purchased their tickets online would simply walk to the entrance as usual. This is an effective way to reduce the size of lines. 

Although the wait is long, they keep you entertained. In the waiting area they have clowns and demons running around scaring people left and right. You can also get a free selfie with the owner, Eddie McLaurin, and his big yellow python.

With Covid-19 I feel like the staff in the waiting area was reduced, although I don’t know how much of a difference it made. The waiting area was packed with groups of people, most of them not wearing masks. 

After about an hour my group got called to enter the haunted house. The owner was forced to take out all of the claustrophobia attractions, but replaced them with arachnophobia. However, there were several times when the rooms were pitch black and you had to feel your way out. 

During the haunted house I noticed that there was a lot of empty space. Because of that, I feel like Woods of Terror was not as scary as it has been in years past. 

The ticket price is set at $30 with a $6.08 service charge for buying online. I would have gladly paid that in years past because it was scarier, but I think that if fewer people are working then customers should not have to pay as much. 

Overall, the experience was amazing but quite different due to the pandemic. Those who want to experience the Woods of Terror have through Sunday, November 1.