Trojans sporting tattoos

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Trojans sporting tattoos

Gavin Draughn, A&E/Opinions Editor

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For many people, there are inspirational quotes or memories they never want to forget. Whether it be something a deceased grandparent once said, or just a cute drawing, several students and teachers have chosen to get tattoos. Although tattoos can be painful to get, the people featured below think the pain is worth it.

Jalen Moore

“I have the phrase ‘Blessed Beyond Measure’ across my chest. I’ve always been told that I was blessed and I thought getting a tattoo of it would [help me] remember it.”       

  Ethan Porch

“I chose to put the word ‘Legacy’ on my arm. My reasoning behind the word is my uncle used to do mission trips and that was the lesson he taught.” 

 Carlie Moser

“I have a cross with the word strength over it. I actually got the idea from Pinterest. I saw it and I really connected with it.”

McKenzie Beale

“I have the phrase ‘I’ll carry you with me ’til I see you again.’ The phrase is for my baby cousin and grandmother who passed away.”

Sidney Foster

“I actually have two tattoos. One is a giant lion’s head with a crown on his head. All of my life people have called me Mufasa, from the Lion King, because of my big curly hair. It connects with my faith also. My other one is the phrase ‘with brave wings she flies.’ It has two red birds surrounding it.” 

Molly Hughes “I have a sun tattooed on the back of my neck. I got it because my grandma used to call me her sunshine and it’s ironically the same sun from my favorite book, A Thousand Splendid Sunsby Khaled Hosseini.”  


Jonathan Lawrence

“I have a half sleeve on my shoulder with an hourglass, purple roses, and a compass. The purple roses are for my mom. Purple roses are her favorite kind of roses. We only get to spend a short time with people we love, that’s why I have the hourglass. No matter what, you’ll always find a way there. That is what the compass is for.”

Dekotah Curtis

“I got my tattoo for my grandpa who died of lung cancer. It says ‘Breathe Easy’ with all of the things him and I used to do together: work on cars, masonry, and the Boy Scouts. I feel like I carry him with me.”

Cayla Fuqua

“I have the Bible verse Ezekiel 16:4 with a dandelion surrounding it. My mom and I have matching tattoos also. It says ‘I made a wish and you came through’ with our names and birthdates.” 

Antonio Lopez

“I have a cross with my parents’ names, Martha and Antonio. I got it so they are always with me.” 

Ashley Austin

“I have two tattoos, one on my shoulder and the other on my collar bone. The infinity sign has the the words ‘refuse to sink.’ The other is the quote, “inhale the future, exhale the past.’ It is how I live my life.” 

Mrs. Kristen Williams

“I have four doodles and a half sleeve. I’m a firm believer that every tattoo represents where I was at one point in my life. My first one I got when I was eighteen. My sleeve I did all in one sitting. I took a break in the middle to go home and make a sandwich, and then I came back. You will definitely pay for good art, remember that.” 

Ms. Keri Holt

“My first tattoo is a penguin on my foot that says ‘just keep swimming.’ I didn’t realize how addicting tattoos were until I got my first one. All of my tattoos represent a different time in my life. I literally drove past a tattoo parlor and turned around to go get one. I felt like I was window shopping. But, I’ve promised myself to not get any more visible ones.” 

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