Dallas designated Educator of the Year

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Dallas designated Educator of the Year

Anna Catherine Kueng, Editor-in-Chief

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“Honestly, my first emotion was guilt.”

That is what English teacher Mrs.Denise Dallas felt when she found out she won Educator of the Year.

Educator of the Year is an honor given every year to one deserving teacher in the county.

“There are so many wonderful people in this building that deserve to be Educator of the Year,” said Dallas, “To deem me as the Educator of the Year seems incredibly unfair.”

Dallas emphasized how many folks at THS put in extra volunteer hours, help with whatever is needed, and offer support not only for students, but for co-workers, as well.

“We are a blessed faculty. I am grateful for the honor, but I do know I am but one small block in this building.”

As a teacher, Dallas said her main focus is her students.

“Every single day, I want to make sure all my kids are loved. They need to know that no matter what, whatever is going on in the world, when they come to my class, they are the center of my universe and I love them.”

She also focuses on creating a learning environment that is fun, engaging, and will benefit students in the future.

“I hope to prepare my students for not just a test. I want them to fully understand what it takes to be successful in the real world,” she said.

One thing Dallas really believes in is project-based instruction.

“I try to do many hands-on activities. This makes learning fun…at least I know I have a good time,” said Dallas.

Overall, Dallas says that teaching is not a job for her, but a “lifestyle.”

“There is nothing more rewarding than to see one of my ‘old’ kids out and hear their success stories.”

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