The spirit that comes from the sidelines


Gavin Draughn

From left to right: senior Kelsey Edmunds, junior Hannah Day, junior Ja'lyn Knick, senior Emily Moore, sophomore Bryanna Powell, senior Laura Scearce, freshman Elena Booth, junior Kensley Yeatts, senior Allison Sparks, junior Matherly Esky, senior Skylar Hamlett, sophomore Savannah Scearce, and freshman Caitlyn Jarret

Summer break is a time for vacation and relaxation for most. For the varsity cheerleaders, it is a completely different story. The cheerleaders are expected to work hard and learn over 100 different dances and cheers.

“You definitely have to love it, but you get to show your school spirit,” said freshman Elena Booth.  

Junior Hannah Day also added, “I just like talking to the boys.”

The cheerleaders were expected to practice for 2 days, for a little over three hours out of the week during summer break. They are currently practicing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday until 5:30 p.m.

The varsity squad is composed of seniors Emily Moore, Laura Scearce, Kelsey Edmunds, Allison Sparks, and Skylar Hamlett. Juniors include Hannah Day, Matherly Eskey, Ja’lyn Knick, and Kensley Yeatts. Sophomores presenting Savannah Scearce and Bryanna Powell. And freshmen joining the squad Caitlyn Jarrett and Elena Booth.

Senior Emily Moore is the varsity captain, with junior Matherly Eskey as co-captain.

Ms. Terri Echols is the head coach of varsity, after being the JV coach for eight years.

“I heard that varsity would be without a coach, so I decided to step up, so they wouldn’t be without a coach,” said Echols.

The varsity cheerleaders are also responsible for planning the days for Spirit Week.

“We are still coming up with ideas now. We obviously don’t want to spoil anything,” said senior Moore.

The cheerleaders have a great responsibility of planning out the entirety of spirit week. Each girl pitches in with their own ideas to make this week a fun and smooth week. Because spirit week and homecoming are the most important part of the season for the football players and cheerleaders, the cheerleaders practice extra hours during that week. The girls contribute to the week by planning the days, making up a new dance, and making posters to hang up all through the hallways.

Each cheerleader cheers for both football and basketball season.

During basketball and football seasons, the cheerleaders will have what is known as cheer battles with rival schools. A cheer battle is when a squad of cheerleaders begin to cheer directly to the other squad.

“We always win the cheer battles,” said senior Allison Sparks.