Running into the new season


Hannah Scearce

cross country runners practice for their first meet

Last year, both cross country teams worked their hardest and made it to regionals. In addition, they have won metro, and have also held the girls’ title for the past two seasons. All the runners were proud with how they placed last season and they have retained their high hopes for what this year could hold for them. They are extremely excited and anxious to see what the new season will bring, and look forward to placing even better this year.

“I’m feeling very excited for my first meet and I’m excited to see how it goes!” freshman Sarah Gato said.

The team has been training and working really hard so far this season, and they are fighting to win even more titles and awards. They have practiced for a week and a half so far and the athletes themselves have been integrating their own workouts. “I’ve been running around my neighborhood and lifting weights to build up more muscle,” senior Luke Vest said.

Senior Emily Wallace, 2018 3A State Champion in the one mile track event said, “I’ve been training really hard for this season, increasing mileage and working on some strength workouts. The team has also stepped up the mileage this year and I’m super pumped!”

“Be the passer, not the passee,” Coach Emerson says, motivating his runners to work their hardest to win. Emerson adds,  “The moment you stop to walk is the moment you start to quit.” Which means, when you stop pushing yourself forward, you are giving up on all your hard work.

On Aug. 22, both of Tunstall’s cross country teams attended the jamboree at Dan Daniel Memorial Park. The girl’s team won, and the boy’s team finished sixth overall.

The next two matches will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 29, at Altavista High School and Tuesday, Sept. 4, at George Washington High School.