Students participate in water drive for hurricane relief


Contributed by Adrian Nester

Gods Pit Crew picking off bottled water

Over the past three weeks, students and staff have donated roughly 14,088 bottles of fresh drinking water for disaster relief for Hurricane Michael.  Students and faculty members were encouraged to donate water in order to receive a prize for donating the most cases. God’s Pit Crew met at Lidl and loaded 6,600 bottles of water from money raised at Tunstall.

“I think that we have outdone ourselves, and I do believe that this is the largest drive to date,” said Deputy Silverman.

Mr. Daniel Tittris is the winner of the most cases donated and his classes will be treated sometime in the next two weeks. A drawing was held for the teacher that had at least a case donated had their name placed in the drawing.  Their name would then be added a second time at ten cases and a third at twenty.  Ms. Sonya Stowe and Ms. Beth Goard were the winners of the teacher drawing.

The BETA club also created cards and gifted candy to the Virginia Department of Transportation, lineman, and local cablemen who worked during hurricane relief efforts.

Contributed by Adrian Nester
Students and Deputy Silverman load water into the God’s Pit Crew truck.