Trojans suffer loss to Warriors


Ryan Bartley

Player attempts to run for touchdown

Ryan Bartley, Reporter

On Thursday, October 18, the JV Trojans suffered a hard loss to Magna-Vista 7-33. This leaves the JV Trojans at a disappointing record of 1-5.

Despite the cold weather, the warriors kicked off to Tunstall to start off the game.

It was a hard fight for much of the first quarter until the Warriors broke free and put points on the board. After Magna Vistas quickscore, the Trojans received the ball, but not for long. Shortly after they had to punt it away. The Warriors capitalized on this punt and scored yet again late in the second quarter which put the score up to 0-14.

Coming out of half time the Trojans were fired up and excited for another half of football. This school spirit carried over as the Trojans came up with an interception by Marjorie Vincent early in the third.

Shortly after this interception, Nick Hammock picked up a Warriors fumble and ran 45 yards to return it for a touchdown. The fumble was caused by a sturdy defensive front. This power play brought the score up to 7-14. Along with the score, it also brought up the team’s morale.

After this show of team spirit, the Trojans put up a fight but the Warriors dominated the fourth quarter scoring three times, bumping the score up 7-33.

Sophomore Jhalin Godwin described that the team did not play to their full potential.

Godwin is excited to play the Bengals monday and has hopes of playing “10 times better against [Bassett].

The JV Trojans will be on the road Monday at Bassett high school because of a cancellation last Thursday due to hurricane Michael. Kickoff will be at 6 pm.