Reviving Danville with Art

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Reviving Danville with Art

Owner, Cheryl Sutherland, in front of a painted

Owner, Cheryl Sutherland, in front of a painted "Art."

Owner, Cheryl Sutherland, in front of a painted "Art."

Owner, Cheryl Sutherland, in front of a painted "Art."

Amanda Talbott, Features Editor

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When anyone walks into the Main Street Art Collective store, they will instantly see the ambitious, bubbly Cheryl Sutherland. Sutherland has created a wonderful atmosphere of creativity for all ages.

“I want to encourage all artists,” said Sutherland.

The handmade-jewelry stand

Looking around the shop, paintings are only one part to the big equation. The store is filled with re-purposed clothes, jewelry, and even amazing purses made from newspaper.

The jewelry is made from anything between motorcycle parts to dresses. Since every piece is made from re-purposed items, each piece is unique.

“I just really like fun and colorful things that make you feel good, and I really like the idea of re-purposing. If I could do a whole store of re-purposing, that’s what I’d really do.”

“RVR CTY” and more Danville shirts

Main Street Art Collective is a very unique store. When Sutherland talks about her store, everyone can see the fiery passion she has for it. She not only thinks about her store, but the surrounding community and other people in need. Main Street Art Collective also has shirts that represent and show love to the Danville community. The most sold shirt, it seems, is a black shirt with yellow lettering saying, “RVR CTY.”

At the Main Street Art Collective store, Sutherland has a collection to the immediate left once entering the store. This collection consists of purses made from newspaper and more mind-blowing re-purposed, handmade items. Profits from these items go into an organization which goes out of country to teach people how to live sustainable.  

“This whole thing is about giving back, about community, and about encouraging other people.”

Sutherland’s store not only offers clothing, jewelry, and paintings, but she has classes every weekend. Her classes consist of a wonderful variety from fused glass bowls and essential oils, to painting.

“We’ll have a good variety of all different kinds of classes; just some different stuff.”

16-year-old’s re-purposed clothes

Sutherland encourages young artists to “not be scared and think outside of the box.” Sutherland has re-purposed clothes in her store which was designed by a 16-year-old artist.

“There’s no age limit.”

The process to get an artist’s work into Sutherland’s store, Main Street Art Collective, consists of talking to her, getting information about her expectations and the store, and signing a consignment where she gets 30% of the profit.

With being on main street next to Dell’ Anno’s, Sutherland gets a variety of people, and her bubbly personality greets everyone with a full heart.

One highlight she mentions is that she gets to “meet people from all different walks of life.” Sutherland is very devoted to her customers. When emailing back and forth for scheduling, Sutherland makes it clear that customers are a number one priority.

The store is located at 326 Main Street Unit 100 Danville, Virginia 2454.

To contact her: email: [email protected] phone: (434) 250-5512 Facebook: Main Street Art Collective

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