FFA hosts Wild Game Dinner


Brett Adams

President Megan Pollock gives the opening ceremony with Vice President Ginny Neal, Treasurer Abbie Hyler, and Reporter Derek Dallas

Shante Thorton, Reporter

On Monday Nov. 19 the FFA hosted their third annual wild game dinner. This dinner was postponed from Friday due to the football game last Friday. The meeting was opened with a formal opening ceremony followed by a recital of the FFA Motto. Afterwards, they discussed the meaning of the word of the month, which is respect.

After the opening ceremony, members discussed events such as the 91st National FFA Convention, held in Illinois and President Megan Pollock won 6th place.

The wild game dinner was a potluck style pre meal to Thanksgiving which will be celebrated this Thursday. Each member brought in their own food items, and menu items included deer burgers, cream potatoes, deer loin, brownies, and shepherd’s pie. There were tons of deer meat and the theme was described as a “home-style, home cooked vibe.”

“This event was a bringing together for us,” says President Megan Pollock. “It is really nice to bring members together to enjoy a meal and fellowship.”

The FFA has been very successful this year with the guidance of Dr. Jessica Jones and President Megan Pollock.