Hitting the books with Linda Yeatts


Faith Snead

Librarian Linda Yeatts organizes library books

Linda Yeatts has now been the school librarian for 11 years, and if anyone knows her, they know she is practically the queen of books.

“I can remember going to the book mobile as a little girl,” said Yeatts.

Growing up, she loved to read, but her love for books went away around the 4th grade when she stopped reading, and when she got to college she indicated it was very hard to love reading.

“It was a rude awakening on how much I had to read.”

Yeatts has been a librarian for 18 years, not consecutive because she stopped to do homebound, which she did for 14 years. Before becoming a librarian, she was an English teacher for eight and a half years.

Previously, she worked as a legal secretary, but expressed it didn’t suit her. She also took on a custodial job. Before working for the high school, she was a librarian for Woodrow Wilson and Green Rock State Prison. Yeatts enjoyed working with the inmates because she loved their curiosity about reading.

Yeatts expressed that she did not regain her love for books until college and the beginning of her career.

“It was not until my fourth year of teaching, that my mom passed away and I would check out books from the school library and read because I had so much free time. Now I don’t go anywhere without a book to read.”

Because Yeatts is constantly reading, she has been completing the Goodreads reading challenge for the year and her goal is to read 200 books by the end of 2018. Currently, she has read 116 books.

“I give myself a high standard because I’m a slow reader, so I have to do that,” said Yeatts.

Aside from her personal reading, Yeatts is the type of person who always has a smile on her face and is willing to help in any way she can to help a student succeed. She enthusiastically expressed her love for being a librarian, and the joy the people and students bring into her life.

“I enjoy the creative aspect and coming up with solutions together and being stretched; it keeps me young.”

Although Yeatts has read multiple books, she indicated her favorite book is whatever has her attention.

“I seldom reread books, the Bible is the is the only book I reread. I read it fresh.”

A couple of authors that she feels have impacted her life are JK Rowling, Steinbeck, and Carolyn Meyer.