Mr. Echols: Transition from Pupil to Principal


Peyton McBride

Mr. Echols joins Tunstall administration for his first full year.

Peyton McBride, Sports Editor

Mr. Dustin Echols is an assistant principal at THS, he graduated from THS in 2007. He earned a Bachelor’s in Physical Education from Averett and a Master’s of Education from Averett. He completed an Educational Leadership Program at Longwood university. He coached football, wrestling, and softball at THS; wrestling at Bartlett Yancey (North Carolina); wrestling and softball at Dan River; and volleyball at Chatham. Echols returned to THS as an assistant principal in January of 2019. 

While a student at Tunstall, Echols was a member of Deca, FFA, and Beta, as well as a member of the football, wrestling, and baseball teams. “My favorite part of my time as a student was building relationships with peers,” Echols said. “THS is something you hear and you know you love it,” Echols said. 

Echols is very optimistic for the future of THS. He hopes for more academic honors and for our athletics to set examples by winning state championships and sportsmanship awards. He also noted that one thing that sets THS apart from other schools in the county is the community support. 

His advice for the seniors as they prepare for their future, “180 days go by faster than you think. Build relationships and do something good to leave a positive influence on the younger kids.” Echols hopes to mold the administration, staff, and student body all into one this year. “Together we can achieve a lot more.” 

Echols has been seen many times with his family at sporting events and other community activities involving the school. He hopes to have his kids attend Tunstall and wants them to have as much fun as he did when he was a student. As he settles in to his first full year, Echols is very hopeful for an amazing year filled with many Trojan PRIDE moments.