What drives your opinion?

Gas mileage or clout?


Peyton McBride

Senior Ethan Broyles' modified gold Dodge Ram Hemi crew cab.

Peyton McBride, Reporter

When driving past THS, the first thing I see (or hear really) is the clap of a truck. The trucks have garnered a lot of attention recently for their looks, sounds, and speed. Many students at the school have a large truck and they enjoy revving the engine any chance they get.

Many of the students driving these trucks are known because of their vehicles. The students come in with something newer, faster, and louder every week and it makes them popular. But, are the loud trucks really that much better than a typical little car? 

For some students, a car is the better way to go in the long run. After all, high schoolers aren’t made of money. Senior Nick Cooke enjoys the luxury of saving money. “I get better gas mileage; plus, it’s a lot cheaper to afford,” Cooke said. Nick also believes that cars are beginning to overthrow trucks as the “king vehicle” at THS. “The truck game is dead, there’s more clout in cars now,” Cooke added.

One student at THS is known for having the loudest and coolest truck in the city. Senior Thomas Barker has a red 2013 Ford Raptor (also known as “The Claptor”) that is typically heard before it is seen. Barker believes the truck is better because he can go anywhere. “Heavy rain, a car might slide off, heavy snow, you can’t go anywhere. If you like to hunt, you can’t go to the farm, you might get stuck in the mud,” Barker said. 

Barker thinks that demographics have a big part in deciding the type of vehicle one should drive. “Ya know it’s better to have a big truck out here, but if you lived in LA or DC you would fit in better with a sports car,” Barker added. 

 The debate between cars and trucks will continue throughout high school and college for the students involved. There will always be two sides to the debate and there will never be a “wrong” side. Now, what drives your opinion? Is it gas mileage or is it clout?