Melanie Martinez keeping us tuned in with ‘K-12’


Julee Myers and Brittney Eames-Ramirez

Melanie Martinez is a 24-year-old singer who can be considered as having a pop/punk genre of music. She released her first album, “Crybaby”, in August of 2015 which caused a shockwave of emotions in many teenagers on social media. 

Melanie is all about her psycho-childlike theme in all of her music, but every song has a meaning behind it no matter how happy it sounds. Her song Dollhouse seems like she is just talking about a child playing with her dolls, but really it’s about having a family that seems to be perfect and hides all of their problems from the world.

Her latest album released on September 6 of this year. Along with her album came a film based around the songs and her original character Crybaby. All of her new songs incorporate the high school life in some way. For example the song Show and Tell talks being judged by a persons looks and controlled by society. Nurse’s Office is about being so stressed and tired that kids would rather fake being sick to go home. 

Though one of the best songs on the album, Drama Club, is talking about how sick her character Crybaby is of all the drama, rumors, and lies that are passed around. To tie in with the drama she has a song called Lunchbox Friends talking about having fake friends and how they can never compare to having real friends to laugh and cry with. 

Here is how these songs affect us personally. The songs Lunchbox Friends and Nurse’s Office really got into our feelings because we have both suffered from having fake friends and just wanted to go home and stop thinking about it so we spent most of our time in the nurse’s office. Show and Tell resonates with us because we’ve both been judged severely for the way we act, the way we dress, the way we talk. Society and its stupid rules get in the way of everything and Melanie proves that in this song. We can both relate to Drama Club because we are both sick of lies and rumors that are passed around the school. 

This album leaves us hoping for another album and reassures us that somebody in the world has gone through what we have and is brave enough to write a whole album about it. Melanie’s debut album was amazing, but in the grand scheme of things, “K-12” is her best work yet by far.