What’s in a name?


Danielle Espinoza

Junior Octavionna Morton shares the same initials and first four letters of her name with her siblings.

Daniella Espinoza, Editor-in-Chief

Unique names are starting to be preferred over traditional names for example Stormi, Blue Ivy, Lazer Lee Louis Pentz, Gravity, and last but not least Pilot Inspektor are all names chosen by celebrities for their children. Celebrities however, aren’t the only ones with unique names, our school has unique names as well.

Junior Octavionna Morton, and her siblings Octavia and Octavious (who are both Tunstall graduates) all have the same Octa- beginning in their names. Not only do they have the same beginning, but they also have the same initials “O.J.L.M.” 

“My mom had my brother’s name in a dream. That dream was so important to her that she wanted ours [Octavionna and her sister’s] to be as close to it as possible,” said Morton. 

Senior Alexandra Woods has a unique middle name. Her middle name is a combination of her mother’s name “Malet” and her father’s name “Terrell,” put together they make “Marrell.”

Although unique names are popping up, traditional names still live on. Whether the ending of the name is II, III, IV, or even Jr., having the same name as your father has great significance. This tradition is also known as “patronym,” it’s when a child (often the first son) is named after the father. 

Many couples choose to keep their lineage going and give their child the male’s name. Often times the person with such a name, goes by their middle name or the name that their father doesn’t go by. For example, junior William Lee Thompson III, goes by Lee Thompson.  “The name has been in my family for over 50 years. If I have a son, I plan on keeping the tradition. I like how it [his name] has history,” said Thompson. 

Some names have been in a family for a long time. Junior James Michael Winn III’s family has had his name in the family for four generations. 

“It was changed from James Russel Winn to James Michael Winn when my grandpa was named, to start the trilogy,” said Winn. 

Father names aren’t always the only names passed down. “In Filipino tradition, all the children have the same middle name that is also the mother’s maiden name. So my sisters and I all have the middle name ‘Estose,’” said junior Jennifer Bryant. 

Last but not least, some parents allow their other children to name their kids. An example being sophomore Elizabeth Lee.“My brother was 5 years old when I was born and so my parents had a name picked out for me, which was going to be Olivia Isabella Lee. Since my initials would’ve been OIL, they let my brother name me. He was little and it was 2004, he had an obsession with Pirates of the Caribbean and the character Elizabeth Swann. He thought she was so pretty, so he chose the name Elizabeth.” 

Every day parents come up with extremely unique names to name their children. Some men who have had a name that has been passed down choose to not keep the tradition going, while others keep the tradition. Names are considered our labels and in a way define who you are. What’s the story of your name?