Hating on Halloween “Treats”


Daniella Espinoza

Not all Halloween candy is created equal…just ask a teenager.

While teenagers are discouraged from donning Halloween masks and ringing doorbells on October 31st, they still have very strong opinions about candy. If you still need to make a candy run before Thursday night, here are the candies to avoid according to our staff. 

Milk Duds despised by Peyton McBride 

First off, anyone who eats milk duds has a horrible taste in candy. Milk duds are the equivalent of eating a well-done steak. This candy is horrendous because it should be chewy; instead, the outside is hard and the caramel sticks to the roof of your mouth. The caramel aspect does not help because there is not much caramel to begin with. Honestly, this candy could go burn in a dumpster fire, and I would not be mad about it. In retrospect, the candy’s name really tells you what you’re getting, a dud. 

Dots detested by Daniella Espinoza

If an old lady decides to not give out butterscotch, strawberry bon-bons, or peppermints then they go out and by Dots to be in the “Halloween spirit.” Dots are disgusting and a disgrace to all gummies, they are flavorless and land weirdly between the scale of candy and fruit snacks. Dots are the one candy that I am willing to give away and not even attempt to trade.

Whoppers are wack by Ca-ron Murphy 

As a child, whoppers were awful. They tasted like cardboard covered in pencil shaving, coated in wax, sealed with artificial chocolate substitute. They always tasted dry and stale and never tasted good, regardless of when I ate them. This charitable donation was a tragic disappointment in my candy bucket as a child. 

Pretzels protested by Brittney Ramirez

The overall worst candy to receive on Halloween isn’t even a candy. It’s pretzels. It’s Halloween, kids are wanting to stuff themselves with candy. Getting home and finding out that you’ve gotten pretzels kills the whole Halloween spirit as a child. It’s even worse when you walk up to the “pretzel people’s” door, half expecting candy, and seeing them pull out that mini bag of pretzels. It’s impossible to stop them, so you just have to accept the disappointment and move on with life. 

Soda can fizz candy frustrates Justin Earles 

This candy is meant to taste just like sodas such as Sprite, Coke, Orange and Grape Crush, but it doesn’t taste anything like them. This falls into the category of candy that looks like it is going to be good, but it is actually gross. When you put them in your mouth they fizz up and make the taste even worse. Soda can fizz candy also contains caramel color which is a potential cancer-causing agent. This candy is neither tasty or safe to eat so it’s a horrible Halloween candy.

Candy Corn crushed by Julee Myers 

Candy Corn is literally the worst thing to ever call itself a candy. It is tacky sweet, crumbly, has virtually no flavor, and is only a candy still because when you stack the candy on top of each other, it makes a cute little ear of corn. When handed candy corn as a child, in the dumb plastic bags from the people who didn’t feel like buying actual candy, I shuddered in disgust.

What is your most hated Halloween candy? 

Comment below about your least favorite Halloween candy and why. If you are a Tunstall student, we will give away Halloween treats bags to five lucky commenters. Hopefully, you’ll get a candy that you like!