Tunstall’s Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders

Daniella Espinoza, Editor-in-Cheif

The beginning of a new winter sports season is also the beginning of a new basketball season, which also means new additions to the cheer team. This year’s varsity cheer team has been split into two squads: basketball and football. The basketball cheer team’s captain is junior Damaya Younger and the co-captains are junior Makia Law and senior Madisyn Grogan . The rest of the squad is made up of senior Savannah Harlow; junior Haylee Brummett; sophomores Meghan Harden and Sofia Miller, and freshmen Addison Warren, Summerlyn Pulliam, Greenly Elliott, Chloe Barnes, and Olivia Collins. 

While normally THS usually has one cheer team with one to two freshmen on varsity this team has five. The girls were extremely excited to have made varsity as freshmen. “It’s kind of scary but it’s still fun because of the people I get to cheer with,” said Chloe Barnes. Greenly Elliott said, “I have worked very hard for this opportunity and I am grateful to have made varsity as a freshman.” 

Basketball games are usually played in a packed crowd with people on the edge of the bleachers. “I love the adrenaline I get from performing for everyone,” said junior Haylee Brummett. The cheerleaders dances add on to that excitement and thrill. Not only do they cheer for the people, but they encourage the basketball team to do their best.

A majority of the girls have been cheering since youth cheer. However, this will be the first time that all of the girls cheer for varsity. Most of the girls have cheered for jayvee; however, this is seniors Savannah Harlow and Madisyn Grogan’s first time cheering. “I’m a bit nervous, but very excited for the season,” said senior Savannah Harlow.

Sofia Miller has been cheering for 10 years, junior Haylee Brummett has been cheering for 11, and freshman Addison Warren has been cheering for 8. Even though the team is made up of girls from all grades, they have become a family. “We laugh and have fun together, I love having a group of girls that are all like family,” said senior Savannah Harlow.

The girls have been practicing since May. They practiced on and off during the summer to prepare them to cheer on varsity. They are extremely eager to start the season with many new dances. To come up with choreography the girls split up into songs and volunteered to do certain parts of dances.

Even though it’s unknown whether or not there will be two varsity teams next year, many of the girls are already thinking about which sport they will cheer for. Juniors Haylee Brummett and Makia Law plan on cheering for basketball. Freshman Addison Warren is hoping to cheer for basketball as well. Sofia Miller plans on cheering for both. The girls are also hoping for the opportunity to have a basketball pep rally and spirit week, similar to football. 

Come see the girls cheer on the team tonight against Dan River. JV starts at 5:30 and Varsity at 7.