Battle of The Consoles


Stanford Wells, Reporter

2020, while being so much different from previous years, finally has something to offer that we are familiar with. The PS5 will come out on November 12, and the Xbox Series X will come out on November 10. Playstation and Xbox have been rivals in the video game industry since the beginning of the century. I’m sure most students would agree that they have seen this rivalry since they were little. Everyone that I’ve talked to growing up generally preferred one over the other, but I had a few friends who liked both just fine. 

When looking at both consoles, it’s not necessarily possible to say which is better, as they are both incredibly designed and offer huge advances for the video game community. Some of these features include better graphics, new software and design, and a slight rise in cost. When I purchased the PS4 back in 2013, I paid $399.99, while the PS5 is said to cost the same amount for a digital version and $100 more for the version with a built in blu-ray disc carrier. Xbox, on the other hand, has a price for pre-order set at $34.99 monthly. Xbox will not only offer the Series X, but also a cheaper version called the Series S, costing $24.99 monthly for pre-order.

THS Sophomore Jacob Powell had to say, “I would rather buy the PS5. I’ve been with Playstation my whole life and think that it’s way better. Microsoft/Xbox has never interested me because of their way of making a console and their gaming style.” This opinion is a very understandable one and potentially shared by many others.

Sophomore Colton Wells said, “I would rather buy the PS5 because I’ve always had Playstation. I also like the Persona games and they don’t come out on Xbox.” Both consoles are very popular and are predicted to have great sales this fall/winter. 

When it comes down to it, one console isn’t really better than the other. Sure, they have different designs internally and externally, but they essentially do the same thing. I think in many cases, one’s preference is based on familiarity and sometimes, even peer pressure. Many of my friends will try and get the same console as each other, so they can play games together and have a similar experience. Although cross-platform is available for many games, lots of people like being in party chats with friends on a specific console. Both the new Playstation and Xbox are impressive advancements in technology, which are sure to provide quality entertainment for any who purchases one. All that’s left now is for us to choose wisely, and most importantly, have fun!