Tips for virtual learning



Addyson Hunsicker uses her planner to keep up with class times, work, and due dates.

Addyson Hunsicker, Photography Editor

With virtual learning happening full-time for over 50% of Tunstall students, completing online work can get overwhelming. To stay on top of assignments, students need to keep their lives organized and do their work on time. 

      1.  Set alarms

To keep on track with class times, students should set alarms. Alarms should be set for when to wake up and when to go to each class. With alarms there is no way students can forget to go to class or be late.

   2.  Schedule breaks

One advantage of being at home is that students get to decide when they take breaks.

However, when students do not want to do their work they start to take more breaks and procrastinate on doing their work. Students can avoid being unproductive by scheduling breaks to avoid breaks becoming more frequent or lasting too long. Students would get the time for breaks while not just sitting on their phones for hours.

    3. Download needed apps

Downloading all of the apps needed onto a device is crucial to keep things organized. Apps like ‘Google Classroom’, ‘Docs’, ‘Gmail’, and ‘Remind’ send notifications to students through the device they use most: their phones. This also makes it easier for students to keep in contact with their teachers. Apps that are designed to help students stay on track need to be downloaded onto devices, so students keep up with their school work and do not think that since they are not on the computer the work does not matter.

     4. Keep a calendar or schedule

If students keep their planners organized and spread out their work there would be less work to pile up and not get done throughout the week. Each week students should write a list of all of their assignments and the dates the assignments are due. They should then spread the work out throughout the week and do the assigned work each day. For example, if a teacher has a weekend due date, students need to schedule the work to be completed throughout the week, so they are not staying up every Sunday night barely turning things in at 11:59.

      5.  Set time aside for fun

Students should always set aside time from school to keep from getting over exerted and stressed out over the amount of work and the lack of fun. It is important for students to check up on their mental health. Setting time aside especially for fun activities would help students keep a positive attitude during virtual and hybrid learning.