Crystals: A guide for beginners


Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Elizabeth Lee, Reporter

Most people who are just starting to be interested in crystals need some guidance. (I know I did.) Crystals help to heal, cleanse, balance, and amplify energies around us. Crystals come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on which crystal you choose, it can affect you differently. The spiritual journey is overall a self-guided experience. To start, here are a few recommended crystals for beginners.

Amethyst is the best crystal for beginners because of how gentle its energy is. Amethyst is used for stress relief, anxiety, fear, aiding sleep, and relaxation. Amethyst should only be cleaned with soap and water, and it should not be kept exposed to bright light because it may fade.

Selenite is also an amazing crystal for beginners because it is self-cleansing and self-charging. Selenite is used to keep vibrations steady and balanced. It clears out negative energies along with stress and anxiety. Selenite should not be put into water due to its dissolving properties.

Clear quartz is used for its healing power the majority of the time. Clear quartz has very high vibrations and is the most powerful healing crystal. It reduces negativity and helps improve mood over time. 

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. Rose quartz helps welcome all different types of love into one’s life. It helps with comfort and compassion; rose quartz promotes self-love, friendship, and helps bring inner peace. With this crystal around, there will be restored trust and harmony in all relationships with others and within oneself. Rose quartz should not be left in bright light for a prolonged period of time because it may fade, like amethyst.

Pyrite is the ultimate good luck charm. Pyrite brings money blessings and good fortune. It also uses solar energy to help calm anxieties, and it has very protective energy. Pyrite should not get wet often because that may cause it to rust or discolor. The water may also lower its vibrations.

Crystals can be found on Etsy, in our local shop “At The Cabin,” and in other spiritual shops. The prices of crystals vary a large amount, and there are hundreds of crystals to begin your journey. No matter which crystal you choose, make sure you understand the details of how to cleanse and care for it.