THS! I love it, I love it, I love it!


Staff Reports

Valentine’s Day is a day to show love. These students and faculty show love for our school. Like it has so often been said, “THS! I love it! I love it! I love it!”

Dylan Martin (12) – I love how nice my teachers are.

Emma Doolin (12) – I love that I can drive to school.

Robin Parker (12) – I love the new teachers and faculty.

Mrs. Williams – I love that my adult coworkers are my friends outside the building. I get to have a shared experience with them… and I love my students.

Destiny Yeatts (12) – I’m about to graduate; we came all this way and it’s been a great experience.

Elizabeth Lewis (12) – I love the support we all have for each other. The environment here is much different than GW.

Alana Blair (11) – The sports events have a very fun energy. It’s good to see everybody in one place.

Edmund Benedetti (12) – There are a lot of nice students.

Addison Stanfield (11) – Tunstall has a lot of great students.

Landon Light (12) – There are a lot of great teachers.

Benjamin Barnett (11) – I like the staff. They are all nice and polite.

Virginia Jones (12) – I like my relationship with my teachers and I get to see my friends.

Seirra Wimbush (12) – I like that there is no judgement for being who you are.

Lillian Morris (9) – The after school activities because its cool.

Brandon Tickle (9) – The people that go here.

Natalie Rousc (9) – The people here are nicer because they don’t bully here.

Cambrea Setliff (9) – How everyone here is very open and welcomes people in.

Adrianna Ferraro (9) – I like how all the students support the team no matter where they go.