ACE team reaches regionals


After a season with an almost perfect streak, ACE qualified for regionals on February 5. The scholastic bowl team traveled to Staunton River High School for the regionals competition and finished in 4th place out of 11 schools from across Central and Southwest Virginia.

The Trojans were extremely proud of their win but even more prideful of their achievement in being able to win a spot in regionals. 

“I feel honored and accomplished for this opportunity,” Christopher Flores-Bravo said. 

The ACE varsity team consists of three juniors, Taylor Dodson, Lucas Walker, Christopher Flores-Bravo, and also four seniors, Jakhi Martin, Gabriel Diaz de Leon, Luis Tovar and Pranav Shah.

This year the Trojans have been working hard to get where they are. The team has excelled with a season record of 10-2 and finishing in 2nd place overall in the Piedmont Region. Many of the team members love competition and strive for the thrill of winning. 

“Before the match starts, I feel a little nervous but during the match I feel confident, excited and happy after winning,” Christopher Flores-Bravo said. 

This confidence and excitement to win has helped them get higher in the competition as they build different strategies in the moment and know how to work with one another. 

Their teamwork is also very important to them and helps them push through tough times. They feel very comfortable working together and the environment that they have built. Their good communication with each other has helped them in the intense moments of competition and create the strategies that will work well for everyone. Many of the members have said that without doubt the people and environment that surrounds the team was their favorite thing about the club. 

“My favorite thing about ACE is definitely the environment and answering questions,” Luis Tovar said. 

ACE is all about answering tough questions in different subjects, all in a very quick, limited time. To prepare for the big moments, the members quiz each other with old questions that were used in past competitions. This builds their bond with each other and helps them grow with confidence.

I enjoyed watching our new players on both the Varsity and JV teams become part of the Tunstall Scholastic Bowl “family.” It is an exceptional group of bright and dedicated young men and women and I am very proud to be their coach,” Coach Aaron Book said.