Wordle: Tunstall’s latest obsession


Wordle is a daily five letter word guessing game that has taken the world by storm. The online game has gained popularity over the past few months and millions of people can’t get enough of it. Players have six tries to guess the correct five letter word. 

After a guess is made the tiles will change colors to show you if your guess is correct. A tile will be gray if the letter is not included in the word, yellow if the letter is in the word but not in the correct place, and it will be green if the letter is in the correct place.

The simple game can get frustrating, but everyone seems to come back for more. 

Players typically have a go-to word, ones that consist of multiple vowels to try and get them out of the way. “I always use ‘fears,’” Ms. Shannon Calloway said. 

For example, “boats”, “quest” and “steal” are typical repeat words for many players. “My go-to words are usually mango and adieu, I got that from Ms. Mills,” junior Linzey Rigsby said. 

On Valentine’s Day, the word was “cynic”, which a LOT of people got completely wrong, using all of their guesses on other words (such as ‘cupid’) in an attempt to find the correct answer. 

“Double letters are always the hardest for me,” Rigsby said. 

“It’s the reason I stay up until midnight now, just so I can do the new Wordle as soon as it comes out,” history teacher Ms. Tara Mills said. 

“Mrs. Nester got us into the game when we started our second semester,” juniors Hadyn Wentz and Gaby Elliott said. 

“I’m glad I can only play once a day because I love word games and I know I would play all the time,” Ms. Kristal Harris said. Ms. Harris has started including her husband and eldest daughter in the game as well and they compete to see who can solve the day’s Wordle fastest. 

Over the past month or two, Wordle has been an obsession for hundreds of thousands of people. Whether it’s fighting over who got it right the quickest, to who spoiled it for the other, Wordle has definitely been a topic of conversation.