“Things Are Great” for Band of Horses

Things Are Great for Band of Horses

Hallie James Holt, Reporter

Band of Horses is a rock band formed out of Seattle, Washington. The group is now based in Charleston, South Carolina. They have been together since 2004, and they released their first album Everything All The Time in 2006. Now, alongside five other studio albums, the band is adding the album Things Are Great to their discography. 

Band of Horses has become very popular in the alternative rock genre and have had their songs “The General Specific” and “No One’s Gonna Love You” featured on the television show Gossip Girl and the indie movie Prom

  The album Infinite Arms, is one of the most popular albums of the 2000s era. The hit song “Factory”, combines a humorous lyrical tone with a haunting backdrop of something serious and solemn. Using the lyrics “I was thinking it over by the snack machine, I thought about you and a candy bar. The now and laters, now that I’ve got, stuck between my teeth,” I visualize an image of a dark hall and a guy leaning against a vending machine. Then the lyrics “It’s temporary, this place I’m in, I permanently won’t do this again. My belongings scattered all across the hotel floor,” deliver a reference to a lonely hotel room, much like one you would see in most 2010 indie films.

The band went through a rough patch after the release of their 2016 album, Why Are You OK, when after the release band member Tyler Ramsey decided to leave the group. Ramsey left to take a break from the industry and spend time with his family. 

The rest of the band made their comeback in late 2021, with the single “Crutch.” Fans, myself included, were ecstatic! After a long four year period of near silence, a new album was the perfect return. 

Band of Horses rolled right along, the new album fitting perfectly to the image the group has created. The album stuck with the bands traditional rock sound, but did bring in a slightly more “folksy” sound resembling artists like Fleet Foxes and Iron & Wine. The album strings together perfectly, each song following the last in wonderful harmony. 

“Warning Signs” is the starting track. This is one of the songs that brings in the more alternative sound and mixes it with rock. With a strong lead on guitar, it is definitely more instrumentally focused. 

“Crutch” is the first single! It starts out with a one, two, three count off with the drumsticks, very classic. Then comes a loud intro, with Ben Bridwell’s amazing vocals starting off the first album in six years. Band of Horses is known for their amazing lyrics, and “Crutch” is no exception. All kinds of phrases are thrown together, and completely new ones are made, in the brilliant awakening of a whole new era for Band of Horses

“Tragedy Of The Commons” starts out so impressive with a slow, simple guitar riff. It definitely incorporates the more low key side of Band of Horses, it has a laid back sound and really great lyric composition.

“In The Hard Times” starts out with a very country sounding guitar intro, it really helps to expand the range of the album. The group definitely decided to branch out with this album, and this song is a perfect example. 

“In Need of Repair” is the second single, and by far the best song on the album. A slow, flowing strum of guitar introduces listeners to a kicked backed, yet hardcore song. I can only explain by offering you a small piece of the magnificent song, “hey you, what’s the matter you, can’t do all the things that you used to do and it sucks, and it’s bad. Who’s a good boy, what’s a killjoy?” The words in themselves make no sense, but together, mixed with the instrumental backbone they fit perfectly. The band is creative and inventive, and this shows with the repeated lyric from the chorus, “holding it all together with a piece of tape in need of repair, it’s not enough.” It’s incredible the way they take one simple phrase and use it in all the different ways.

“Aftermath” checks every box for me. “Lost myself and you in the aftermath,” starts out with the mood of heartbreak and instantly draws you in with these lyrics. This song tells an ironically realistic story, that holds very true of real life relationships. 

“Lights” is the third and final single to be released. This song is very similar to their album Why Are You OK, because like the album it focuses more on a rock sound, than an alternative sound. This was the least popular single, while it isn’t the best, I do think it gives a good interpretation of the album and what Band of Horses stands for. 

“Ice Night We’re Having” begins with a bunch of jumbled sentences back to back. Then, with a swift drum beat, the traditional Band of Horses tone is flipped back on. The phrase “play on words” takes on a whole new meaning with the lyrics “vampires in the dry heat don’t think so” and “he’s barking louder, tales get taller every time he does.” 

“You Are Nice To Me” incorporates the statements “where you’re from, where you belong,” the song leads you to a deeper meaning. It is hard to recognize the somber mood of the song, because of the happy beat, but when you take a closer look into the lyrics you will see the thought and feeling put in.

“Coalinga,” which is pronounced just how it looks, has become a personal favorite. With a very modern mood, it brings my brain to a calm, relaxed place. It is very similar to the sound of the Fruit Bats, and adds to the more grown up feeling Band of Horses has created with this new album. 

Like many fans I stayed up all night, waiting for this album to release. I was falling out of my seat the whole day, but it was so worth it. Every song is beautiful and wonderfully written. To say Band of Horses outdid themselves is an understatement. They have made something that will last forever, and not only that, but something that will motivate, encourage, and bring joy to so many people. I send them a huge round of applause and an even bigger bundle of gratitude.