Students choose schedules for fall


Brooklyn Shelton, Reporter

Students of THS are meeting with guidance counselors and selecting classes for fall. Even though it’s still winter, students are busy preparing for next fall. Next fall new classes will be added if enough students enroll. 

There are many different classes to choose from when choosing classes, and most electives cater to different careers. When students are checking their classes, a few classes require getting a teacher initial to enroll, mostly the advanced classes. On the registration paper, the electives are organized into different categories by subject like, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, English and Writing, Social Studies, Agriculture, Business, Economics and Personal Finance, Family Consumer Sciences, Marketing, Military Science, Pre-Engineering, and Technology. Students also can go to STEM, Pittsylvania Career and Technical Center, and can take some online courses. 

 The potential new classes are as follows: Ethnic Literature and African American History. Guidance counselor Mrs. Beckelheimer states “We don’t really know if we will have these classes because they are not set yet due to not knowing if we will have enough students that are going to sign up.” At this moment in time, we do not know who will teach these classes, considering the classes are brand new and the number of students who may or may not enroll. 

The Ethnic Literature class will expose students to the literary works of various cultures within the US. The students will study selections from Native American, African American and other ethnic groups. Grade levels 11-12 will be offered this class and it has one credit unit. Enrolling in this class requires an English 9 credit as well. 

Our new African American History class will be offered to grade levels 11-12 and also offers one credit unit. Students will be introduced to key concepts in African American history from early beginnings in indegeonous Africa through the transatlantic slave trade, the Civil War, Emancipation, Reconstruction, the Civil Rights era and into the present. If students would like to enroll in this class, they can right away because there are no prior classes or requirements needed.

When scheduling, students need to consider their future plans. Mrs. Rossman, the senior guidance counselor states, “There are lots of factors to consider when selecting a schedule. One factor to consider is that your schedule should be reflective of who you are, your learning goals, and your future career plans.” Students should choose classes that cater to them and their future plans and goals, not just because their friends are in them. 

When selecting classes, be sure to read through the course descriptions in the High School Course Selection Guide which can be picked up in the guidance office. 

Mrs. Rossman also suggests having “conversations with your parents and teachers, and to think about what’s right for you.”

Rising seniors may find it more difficult to select courses, Mrs. Rossman adds, “Look for classes that might be outside of your comfort zone or that might be in areas that you haven’t previously tried. For example, if you have never taken a marketing class, a dual enrollment business class, or a drama class, now is the time to explore. you have one more year to try different classes to see what you might like for free. After this, you will be paying to find out what interests you or what doesn’t interest you. You never know what might spark your interest in high school that could potentially lead to a college major, a career path, or even a new hobby.”