Deputy Monica Strange: Tunstall’s first female resource officer


In November of 2021, Tunstall got its first female resource officer, Deputy Monica Strange. She grew up in the Chatham area, and once she finished high school, Strange did not go to college; however, she worked in cosmetology for a chunk of her early career. Later, she entered law enforcement to pursue her true passion. 

“I’ve always had a love for children, and I care about their well-being and their safety. When I went into law enforcement I knew that I wanted to be in the schools working with children. I’ve always said that when you become law enforcement, this career chooses you, you don’t choose it,” Deputy Strange said. 

Although she is new to THS, this is not her first job as a resource officer. She worked as an officer at Chatham High School for multiple years before coming to our school last fall. “I didn’t [choose Tunstall], it was given to me.”

Deputy Strange does not see any difference in being Tunstall’s first female resource officer, she says, “I don’t see male or female when I put this uniform on, I’m a deputy and that’s it.” 

Strange says that while Tunstall is a good place to be, if she was given the opportunity to work as a investigator for sex crimes she would take it; however, she is more than comfortable with the position she has now, which is smooth and relaxing compared to her previous days at Green Rock Correctional Center in Chatham, Virginia. 

“I think a lot of the time your career is like your life. You’re given opportunities and decide how you’re going to roll with them. The outcome is not how I thought it would be, but I’m happy where I am,” Strange said. 

As far as high school careers go, when Strange was a student at Chatham High School she was actively involved in band, yearbook, softball, volleyball, and was even homecoming queen. 

Deputy Strange is at Tunstall daily, available in the upper parking lot during the morning and afternoon bells. You can also reach her at [email protected]

Deputy Strange believes that her role is one of service to the community. “I’ve always believed in the greater good, and I’ve always wanted to serve and protect people.”