THS Deca competes at Va State Leadership Conference


THS Deca students competed at Virginia State Leadership Conference from March 4-6 in Virginia Beach. Deca is a marketing based organization that teaches students many life skills. Students learn how to do job interviews and the steps to success, along with interacting with their school and or community. 

Each of the six students competed for their very first time at states. There were over 2,200 students competing, with each category having around 50 competitors. Ms. Beth Goard, one of the three Deca advisors, states “I would like to say they made Tunstall proud by their behavior, enthusiasm, and great sportsmanship the entire weekend!”

Ms. Goard is one of the three Deca advisees along with Mrs. Gunter and Ms. Carter. Mrs. Goard also adds, “We didn’t end up getting individual placement, but it was all of their first time competing.” The average number of competitors was over 50 in each category.

March 4 was the registration and Open Session. Deca was awarded Platinum Level for their Membership Campaign, which is returning their membership to a top level post pandemic. Individual competition began the morning of March 5 with different competitions. Deca advisor , “For Tunstall to have reached the level we received, we had to increase our membership by 20 students, but our actual membership was about 57 total members, we exceeded last year by around 42 members,” Ms. Goard said.

The competition consisted of a few different competitions. One being a 100 question quiz, which the students completed before the competition. Deca member Mia Davis states,”I wouldn’t say it was necessarily hard, but you need good time management skills and if you’ve taken a marketing class before it should be pretty easy.” The other competition Davis mentioned was the students having to do 1-2 roleplays. 

The students prepared for the competition very consistently, by taking virtual practice tests or practicing the role plays. Davis goes on to say, “We all stayed after school and we practiced our role plays. For the test taking portion, we did practice tests like virtual practice tests.”

The latest Deca trip was a blast for all the students and advisors in all. “Getting over my anxiety, and overall just being on the trip was really fun, while it took a lot of practice. The payoff was worth it in the end, I had a great time meeting all the new people, ” Davis said. 

Even though none of our students are going to the International Competition in Atlanta, each of them did a wonderful job and looked forward to next year’s competitions.