Students who balance it all: Social life, school, and work


Tiffany McCune, Sports Editor

While walking through the hallway, it’s common to pass by many different people and faces that all have different hobbies and responsibilities. A job is something that many juniors, seniors, and maybe even sophomores acquire that takes up their free time after school. 

Every student has a reason for their need and want for a job whether it is for financial needs, a hobby they adore, or even just something they want to have to fill their free time. 

Senior Addy Littlefield works at Your Stuff Consignment Boutique because she enjoys thrifting herself.

“It’s fun to work somewhere you like to go and I’m able to get first dibs on a lot of things, so I get a lot of cool stuff. A lot of those who come in love thrifting, so I’m around a lot of people who like similar stuff,” Littlefield said.

 Working allows students to expand their knowledge in many different fields and it teaches students numerous responsibilities and traits that they can take with them into their future. 

Senior Brittany Terry works at Modern Pharmacy and she began working at the end of June 2021. She has had a very positive experience with working because it has helped her achieve different responsibilities that she wanted to accomplish.

“Working has changed my life by improving my time management skills and allowing me to be more open with people. I’ve learned most that kindness goes a long way because when you are kind to customers, you will more than likely get the same act of kindness in return,” Terry said.

For some students, work allows them to have the freedom of earning their own money and using it for their wants and desires. This is a pro for many students at THS because having their own money allows them to be able to do more when they are spending time with their friends.

“I got a job because I enjoy working and I love to be independent and provide for myself,” Terry said.

Many students who work typically sign up for Co-Op, which is a class period that allows them to leave school early so they can go to work. This gives students more opportunity to work more hours, so they can meet their financial obligations. In order to qualify for Co-Op, students must have taken Introduction to Marketing and be at least a junior. Students are required to work and report a 45-50 hours each six weeks.

Senior Ella Whitehead believes that taking Co-Op has allowed her to work as much as she would like with time to still manage other things in her life.

“It allows me to leave school earlier and make time for work along with getting home at a decent time to do schoolwork and have a social life,” Senior Ella Whitehead said.

However, some students who don’t participate in Co-Op or who work many hours find it difficult to manage a job, homework, social life, and still have free time for their other hobbies. Junior Samantha Martin works at Marshalls and is one of many students who do not participate in Co-Op.

“I think it’s more stressful not having the extra time because I don’t have as much time to do homework,” Martin said.

While some students are leaving school to pursue their own personal hobbies, many students are leaving school to begin their personal goal: to make money. Many students believe that having a job is worth any added stress.

Senior Gabriel Costagliogia works at Franks Italian Restaurant and has been since the beginning of the school year. His job is his dad’s business, so he is allowed extra time for personal or educational needs.

“It’s my dad’s business, so he will let me take breaks for homework,” Costagliogia said.

 Costagliola finds that meeting new people makes working a lot better.

“I love the interactions with others, and I can’t get enough of it,” Costagliogia said.