Prom held for juniors and seniors

Trojan Messenger Staff , Reporters

The THS prom was held on April 9, 2022, at the Atkinson Farms for around 350 juniors, seniors, and their dates. The night was full of smiling faces, sparkly dresses, and lots of applause. 

An emotional moment of the night was the senior walk. All seniors got in line and were introduced to the crowd one by one along with their escort. 

As the moment came for the prom king and queen to be crowned, the dance floor went quiet with anticipation. Juniors Braeden Barbour and Abby Eades were crowned prom prince and princess.  

“I was genuinely so surprised and excited when I heard my name. I had no idea it was going to be me,” Eades said. 

“I was just so happy to have a blast with my friends,” Barber said. 

Seniors Landon Jones and Elena Booth were crowned prom king and queen. 

“I was very excited and surprised. I was thankful that people thought so highly of me to vote for me. I was appreciative of the student class,” Booth said. 

“I’ve never really felt super popular. It was nice to feel connected with my classmates and it was a great way to go out,” Jones said.

Once the royalty was crowned, it was time for the DJ to take over. Some students in particular enjoyed their time on the dance floor. 

Foreign exchange student Vince Minulla experienced his first American style prom. “It was awesome. I really enjoyed dancing in circles, break dancing, going down, spinning around. The best part was the dancing because people were cheering me on and my head was spinning,” Minulla said. 

Christopher Van Norden was a student who also enjoyed his time on the dance floor.   

”Usually when I do stuff like that it’s a feeling of euphoria and you can just feel the music. I feel that I constantly have to move and it makes me essentially go crazy in a sense,” Norden said.

He added that “I really have the feeling that I don’t fit in in a lot of places, but I like being the outcast and being more memorable. I don’t fit in, but I like being an individual in the most potent and most noticeable way,” Norden said.

Many girls buy their prom dresses off the rack; however, others decide to take a different approach. Junior Brooke Burke designed her own dress and had it made by the same person who made her mom’s wedding dress. It even included a detachable train, so she could dance without anyone stepping on it. 

“I wanted something different and let people know that there will be nothing like it. I just wanted to be extra,” Burke said.  

Junior Brooklyn Price also designed her own dress and embellished it with artificial flowers. “I was inspired by the flower fields. It took me three and a half months to completely finish,” Price said. 

Mrs. Shannon Calloway was in charge of planning prom this year after a year away during COVID when the parents coordinated the event. She feels that the event was a success. “Of course it was very stressful, but I love doing it for the kids,” Calloway said.