Five true crime podcasts you need to listen to


True crime has been all the rage in recent years. Streaming platforms, bookshelves, and TV schedules are loaded with stories of true crime. The overwhelming amount of content about true crime can be super intimidating, so finding the right place to start is crucial. Podcasts are a really good place to begin, they are free, informative, convenient, and very entertaining. 

A few of the most popular places to listen to podcasts are Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and some podcasts have video versions that can be found on Youtube. No matter where you choose to start listening you are sure to be intrigued.  


1.) Crime Junkies 

One of the most popular true crime podcasts is Crime Junkies. It debuted in December of 2017 and has been at the top of charts since. Every Monday the two hosts, Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, tackle a new case and share all the details in a clear, straightforward way. When listening to the podcast you feel like you’re in the conversation with them, they make the time spent listening incredibly informative and equally as entertaining. 

The Crime Junkies podcast makes it a priority to report on a variety of cases, from missing person cases to survival stories to solved or unsolved murder cases. They also tell the stories of cases that don’t get much media coverage so awareness can be raised around them. However, they also do some more well-known cases every once in a while. 

The main purpose of their podcast is to not only help spread awareness for cases and victims, but the hosts also want listeners to find their fix and become part of a community that can come together with a similar interest and make a change.  

2.) Morbid

Listening to true crime can get really dark really fast, so the Morbid podcast tries to be a little more lighthearted. The hosts Alaina and Ashleigh, an autopsy technician and a hairstylist, started the podcast to spend more time together and share what they were interested in, but the podcast became incredibly popular. Morbid is currently ranked in the top 10 podcasts on Spotify and has been for years. 

Each week there are three new episodes posted with a variety of cases and spooky topics unrelated to true crime. They also try to do older or unknown cases with a few more popular ones mixed in. 

The back and forth banter of the hosts makes a friendly, welcoming environment for the listener to learn about the cases. Even though the hosts do want listeners to feel comfortable they also make sure to respect all victims and tell their stories properly. 

3.) Dateline NBC

If you are looking for a podcast that gives all the facts in the most serious, straightforward way the Dateline NBC podcast is the one. The original Dateline show premiered in 1992, but in 2019 they began posting the episodes as podcasts. The host of each episode also has a calming, clear voice that sets a very mysterious mood and keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. 

Also in almost every episode they have the victim’s family, law enforcement, or even the murderer. Due to the 30 years of experience, the information is reliable and makes listeners want to keep coming back for more.    

4.) Killer Instinct 

In March 2019 the Killer Instinct podcast began with the host Savannah Brymer. After a year of making true crime videos on Youtube Brymer expanded to podcasts. Every Wednesday a new episode is posted with hopes of shedding light on these crimes. Another goal is to bring justice to the victims and their families. 

Brymer also presents multiple theories of what could have happened with the help of her listeners and even the victims’ families. She covers solved and unsolved cases, Brymer will even make update episodes for her listeners so they always have the most accurate information about each case. 

5.) Anatomy of Murder 

Near the end of 2020 Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi, a career homicide prosecutor, and Scott Weinberger, an investigative journalist, came together to examine true crime cases from their point of view. Each Wednesday on Anatomy of Murder the hosts give their insight on the cases and dig through each layer of every case so listeners fully understand all the details. The episodes are usually around 30-50 minutes long, some stories are broken up into multiple parts which always brings people back for another week.

They also incorporate a family member of the victim or someone that is involved in the case into every episode. The main focus of the podcast has always been to bring justice to victims and make sure no one story is ever forgotten.