Senior assembly held for Class of 2022

Juniors also recognized for outstanding achievements


Parents, faculty, and students flooded into the gym this morning to celebrate the accomplishments of the senior class of 2022. Principal Brian Boles welcomed everyone and the THS JROTC presented the colors to the National Anthem. Mr. Boles gave special thanks to all the presenters for coming and staff who made this day possible. 

Mrs. Rossman and Mr. Blair were major helpers with the planning of senior day. PE teachers, as well as students, helped to set up the gym with chairs and tables. An overall gesture of gratitude goes out to the faculty and staff of Tunstall, who have assisted in the success of the graduating class of 2022, and to the parents of the Class of 2022.

Ms. Cullen Libby started by awarding The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region scholarships to many students: Charles Nickens, Sophie Hearp, Caitlyn Jarrett, Charles Hearp, Gabriel Diaz de Leon, Luis Tovar, Iyana Jefferson, Megan Gammon, Caleb Nelson, Muhammad Khan, Kaylee Davis, Blake Presely, Elena Booth, Tiffany McCune, Landon Jones, Tatalia Preston, Nickolas Hearp, Jackson Boles, and Jaden Shackelford.

The Hughes Memorial Foundation awarded scholarships to 19 students. Ms. Blair Smith presented the award to Emily Austin, Emma Bagbey, Elena Booth, Camden Calloway, Carey Collins, Kaylee Davis, Gabriel Diaz de Leon, Noah Dickens, Megan Harden, Charles Hearp, Nickolas Hearp, Sophie Hearp, Brandon Hill, Caitlyn Jarrett, Muhammad Khan, Cassidy Merricks, Charles Nickens, and Brittany Terry.

The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Scholarship was awarded to Gissell Hernandez-Zuniga by Ms. Linda Clark-Williamson.

American National Bank’s VBA Bank Day Scholarship was awarded to Pranav Shah.

Ms. Sara Hodges presented the Averett University Merit Awards to Emily Austin, Carey Collins, Jeremiah Davis, Kaylee Davis, Grayson Emerson, Patrick Jones, Elizabeth Lewis, Amy Manzano, Cassidy Merricks, Christian Taylor, Brittany Terry, Alberto Torrez, Gage Turner, and Jasmine Vaden.

Beta Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society awarded $750. Dr. Jessica Jones presented this award to Brittany Terry. 

The Stowe Family presented The Billy Stowe Memorial Scholarship to Caulier Barker.

The Cascade Ruritan Club John C. Whitt, Sr. Scholarship was presented to Iyana Jefferson and Caitlyn Jarrett. Mr. Leon Griffin presented the two $500 scholarships to the students.

Cherrystone Vet Hospital Scholarship was awarded to Kylee Brower by Dr. Jessica Jones.

Ms. Angela Haraway awarded the two $1,000 Chick-fil-a Scholarships to Charles Nickens and Ethan Lewis. 

The DAR Good Citizen Award was awarded to Tiffany McCune by Ms. Dawn Davis. 

The DCC Board Recognition of Achievement Scholarship was presented to Parker Davis by Ms. Sharon Harris. 

Ms. Sandy Mitchell presented The Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship to Camden Calloway.

Madison Frazier, Meghan Harden, Caitlyn Jarrett, Sophie Hearp, Nickolas Hearp, and Charles Hearp were presented the Fraternal Order of the Eagles Scholarship by John Hall and Andy Jones. 

Mr. Brian Boles presented the Granville P. Meade Scholarship to Jaden Shackelford.

The Jerome David Hatfield Scholarship of Honor was presented to Amy Manzano by Ms. Lisa Totten. 

Mr. Jonathan Hillard presented Camden Calloway with the Moffett Memorial Baptist Church Scholarship. 

The Pittsylvania County Retired Teachers Association $500 scholarship was presented to Brittany Terry by Ms. Priscilla Merricks. 

Mr. Blair Smith presented the Questbridge College Match Scholarship to Jakhi Martin.

The Riverview Rotary Scholarship was presented to Parker Holt by Dr. Nancy Clark. 

Ms. Janie Carter presented the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church award to Jakhi Martin. 

The 3EBOYZ Track Athletic Scholarship was awarded to Damani Hairston by Mr. Irye Emerson. 

Ms. Morgan Washburn presented the $1000 Trojan Club Scholarship to Emily Austin. 

THS Athletic Booster Club $250 scholarships presented by Ms. Sheila Elliot to Emily Austin, Sophie Hearp, Caitlyn Jarrett, Iyana Jefferson, Caulier Barker, Zachary Davis, Charles Hearp, Daniel Hicks, and Landon Jones.

URW Community Federal Union Scholarship by LC Moore/Sherry Smith was awarded to Nickolas Hearp, Emily Austin, Kennedy Thacker, and Patrick Jones.

The Wednesday Club Scholarship was presented by Ms. Jane Willis to Nickolas Hearp.

Pittsylvania Career & Technical Center awards were presented to four students Alana Blair, Enrique Hernandez, Micah Barnes, and Gissell Hernandez-Zuniga by Ms. Jessica Dalton. 

Ms. Montana Midkiff presented Alyssa Strider with the Achievement in Art awards. 

Agriculture & Tech Education Dept. and FFA awards were presented to Riley Edwards, Caulier Barker, Daniel Hicks, Linsey Jamison, Elijah Byrd, Nicholas Cook, Brittany Dalton, Emma Doolin, William Eaton, Riley Edwards, Grayson Emerson, Peyton Henderson, Isaiah Hopkins, Paige Hyler, Spencer Nolan Jr., Alexis Sneed, Gissell Stone, Angel Torrez, Kalynn VanDerHyde, and Jacob Wethington by Dr. Jessica Jones.

Ms. Kristal Harris and Mr. George Henderson presented students Daniel Hicks, Brittany Terry, Hannah Scearce, Charles Nickens, Iyana Jefferson, Mackenzie Harris, Taylor Dodson, Megan Gammon, Parker Holt, and Leara Slattery with Business Department and FBLA awards.

Drama Department and Yearbook awards presented to Phillip Brummett, Dustin Yeatts, and Ava Grace Whitfield by Ms. Kristen Williams. 

Ms. Adrian Nester and Mr. George Henderson presented certificates for perfect SOL scores in English to Abigail Eades, Evan Bartley, Emma Dowdy, Zachary Payne, Taylor Dodson, Samantha Martin, and John Mills. 

Parker Holt, Gissell Hernandez-Zuniga, John Smack, Lauren Clare, Leara Slattery, Jessica Riley Edwards, and Alyssa Strider all received English awards for highest grade point average.

Tiffany McCune and Hannah Scearce were presented with Journalism awards. Parker Holt, Mallory Woodall, Pranav Shah, and Christopher Van Norden II were presented with Interact awards.

Marketing Department awards presented to Kristal Edmunds, Riley Tucker, Kairi Gibson, Brittany Terry, Brady Petrushak, Caleb McCormick, and Mady Moser by Ms. Beth Goard. 

Mr. Daniel Tittiris presented Michael Frazier with the Outstanding Math Student award.  

Science Department Awards presented by Mr. Irye Emerson to Benjamin Barnett, Cara Brooks, Colton Wells, Hailey Gates, Taylor Phillips, Gissell Hernandez-Zuniga, Nickolas Hearp, Jaden Shackelford, Taylor Dodson, and John Mills. 

Mr. Aaron Book presented Luke Cassada, Andrew Boswell, Nickolas Hearp, and Caulier Barker  with Senior Government Government awards.  

Young Writers awards presented to Hugo Martinez, Taylor Phillips, Hayden Wentz, Leara Slattery, Christopher Flores-Bravo, Caitlyn Childress, Wesley Morgan, Gracelyn Farmer, Haylee Hines, Ava Grace Whitfield, Jennifer Leal Quintero, Parker Holt, Megan Gammon, Jaden Shackelford, Hannah Scearce, Amy Manzano, Morgan Jones, Virginia Jones, and Madison Edmunds by Ms. Adrian Nester. 

On behalf of Mrs. Perryman, chorus awards presented to Sierra Wimbush, Christian Taylor, and Edmund Benedetti by Mr. Brian Boles. 

Mr. Dustin Echols presented Male Athlete of the Year to Damani Hairston and Female Athlete of the Year to Sophie Hearp. Damani Hairston with Male Most School Spirit and Elena Booth with Female School Spirit. 

US Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Awards presented to Elijah Byrd and Tatalia Preston also by Mr. Dustin Echols. 

Lastly he recognized many juniors and seniors with Honor Roll. 

Students Gabby and Greenly Elliot were recognized by Ms. Lisa Totten with 12 years of perfect attendance. As well as senior Christopher Van Norden II with six years of perfect attendance. 

Commonwealth Scholars, Early College Scholars, and Honor Graduates were recognized by Ms. Lisa Totten.

Mr. Brian Boles presented the Tunstall High School Leadership Award to Parker Holt. Emily Austin received the Tunstall High School Principal’s Award.

Danville Community College Graduates Landon Jones, Caleb Nelson, Enming Song, Tatalia Preston, Christopher Van Norden II, and Jakhi Martin were recognized by Mr. Brian Boles.

Mr. Brian Boles also recognized Piedmont Governor’s School Salutatorian Muhammad Khan, AET Valedictorian, Nickolas Hearp and AET Salutatorian, Addy Littlefield.

Lastly, Tunstall High School Valedictorian Landon Jones and Tunstall High School Salutatorians

Tatalia Preston and Enming Song were recognized by Mr. Brian Boles.

School Board Representative George Henderson addressed the gathered juniors, seniors, and parents. He praised the class for their perseverance in spite of the obstacles that COVID-19 put in their way.

Seniors continued the celebrations throughout the day with a senior lunch and Decision Day celebration. Tunstall High School will graduate at Averett University on Friday, May 27 at 7pm.