King’s Court royalty crowned


Kayley Craig

Chloe Barnes and Austin Scearce win the Basketball 2023 season Kings Court.

Alexcia Rigney, Reporter

Austin Scearce and Chloe Barnes are the THS 2023 King and Queen of Kings Court. Austin Scearce is one of the players on the THS Varsity Basketball team. Within his free time Scearce enjoys playing basketball and spending time with his friends and family. He got ready by putting on his sash and boutonniere considering he was playing in the game later that night.

“I felt nervous, empty, frozen, and my heart was pounding, fast,” Scearce said. “I figured I’d win, all because my friends were hyping me up in class the morning of,” Scearce said. He states that he “feels good” about winning King for King’s Court. “ Yes, I feel like I deserved to win because I’m a decent person,” Scearce said.

The biggest influence for Scearce when running for King’s Court was his campaign manager, Azael Quintero. Azael made the post and sent it out to people to promote Austin running for 

King’s Court. “ I felt proud when they said Austin won,” Quintero said. 

Members of the basketball team speak on the biggest lesson Austin has given them.

“Austin taught me to always work hard and keep trying no matter what,” sophomore Carter Higdon said.

Senior Raymond Ladd says, “Austin has helped me to always keep a positive mindset and be positive.”

“He showed me how to stay positive all the time,” senior Jason Zelinski said

Chloe Barnes is a member of the THS Varsity Cheerleading squad. Barnes spends her free time making plans with friends. Barnes speaks about the preparation for King’s Court, “The getting ready process was fun, it was a really fun experience.”

Barnes said, “No, I truly didn’t believe I would win.” 

“I feel pretty great, and I’m super thankful,” Barnes said. Barnes believes she deserves it because she’s a kind hearted person. “My friends and family were the main people who influenced me to run for Kings Court,” Barnes said.

Junior Parris Atkinson says, “She’s just so kind to people no matter what, she treats everyone how she wants to be treated.”

“Chloe has taught me that it’s okay to laugh even when things aren’t funny,” senior Greenly Elliot said.

Senior Summerlyn Pulliam says, “ One of the biggest lessons Chloe taught me has been, to not care what anyone thinks and to go with the flow.”

The freshmen, sophomores, and juniors all had four people representing their grade while the seniors had six. 

The freshman class was represented by Kyndall Burke escorted by Samuel Davis, and Carolina Wheeler was escorted by Andrew Profitt. 

The sophomores were represented by Sadie Glasscock escorted by Tavion Davis, and MaKira Thomas was escorted by Corey Zelinski. 

The juniors were represented by Brooklyn Morris, escorted by Griffin Sands, and Carly Calloway was escorted by Ashton Hammock.

Lastly, the THS seniors were represented by Riley Tucker escorted by Jacob Terry, MacKenzie Harris escorted by Austin Scearce, Gaby Elliott escorted by Peyton Henderson, and Chloe Barnes escorted by Braeden Barber.