The great school spirit debate


AvaGrace Whitfield , Reporter

Most students at THS love the spirit week experience and taking part in the pep rallies and outside school events like the football games and other sports. These students are all about school pride. Senior Brooke Burke is one of these students. 

“I absolutely love the pep rallies! The energy in the gym throughout all the students is felt everywhere and truly adds on to the high school experience! My favorite part is when the band is playing through the hallways. You instantly get filled with a rush of adrenaline and are getting excited for the activities that have been planned,” said Burke.

Mrs. Totten is a big supporter when it comes to school spirit as well. Totten says “I love the energy of the students, and it’s not like every other day. It gives students and staff something to look forward to. I enjoy pep rallies because the athletes, cheerleaders, and band all get a part in the event. I also like that it’s during the school day so that even the students who don’t go to games or other outside school events can see and experience what their peers do and love.”

However, not all students feel this way; the loud and big celebration can be too much for some. Does this mean they dislike their school? Believe it or not, that is not always the case. 

Some students can’t attend the pep rally for a variety of reasons. One of these students is senior Elizabeth Leavitt. “It can be stressful and makes me anxious with all the loud noise and trying to find a place to sit. The pep rally can be too much.” Leavitt said. However, she does greatly enjoy going to school here and come spirit week she loves to show her pride by dressing up.

Some don’t have much of an opinion at all including senior Brooklyn Price. “People should do what they want. Just because you don’t participate doesn’t mean you don’t like your school,” Price said. Price does not personally participate in any of the spirit days and has to miss most of the pep rallies because of PCTC; however, she does like going to school here. 

Some people are not bothered as much by the loud noise but find other things troubling. Jasmin Guinn has agreed with some who have said that the cheerleaders’ performances have been a little much for a school audience.

She had an idea about the pep rally for those who feel that it can overall be too much. Guinn follows with, “We can split up the pep rally either by grade or split it up the same way we do lunches.”

If they did this, would it be the same? With all the grades playing games and cheering? With the band victoriously leading students through the halls down to the gym? Complimenting friends’ costumes they worked so hard on? The girls of THS with matching tutus their mother’s made. As well as the seniors trying to have as much fun as they can before having to leave…Would it now still be the same without the loud noise of the crowd? 

In conclusion, one can see, all people can express their school spirit in different ways. Some who find the pep rally too stressful can still take part in the spirit days and even enjoy other school events.