Fellowshipping with FCA


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Students gather around the flag and have an early morning worship.

Alexcia Rigney, Reporter

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a club where teachers, student athletes, and coaches use sports to build character among athletes through Christ. At THS our staff members try their best to make that possible, while still helping other students with their relationship with Jesus. 

FCA has been an active organization for over 60 years and still continues to grow more each year, and at THS they hope to keep it consecutively growing. FCA is in 19,431 schools nationwide, and in Pittsylvania County there are five huddles of FCA. There are also several different FCA camps all over the world. The athletes can go and combine their athleticism with Jesus while still being able to keep it fun and memorable. 

At THS, Mrs. Burton and Mrs. Woodard are the two teachers who organize FCA. Outreaches are a big part of FCA due to them not only being related to the members of FCA, but also doing small things for athletes, homeless shelters, and churches. Their outreach last semester was giving the THS cheerleaders and basketball players gatorade along with bible verses attached to candy canes. They try to do two outreaches per year, one per semester. They are unsure of their outreach for this semester, but hope it will be soon.   

Cherish Adkins writing “thank you” notes to admin. (Alexcia Rigney)


Members of FCA get together every Wednesday of the month in Mrs. Burton’s room. On the first and third Wednesdays of the month they meet in the afternoon at 3:20 p.m. On the second and fourth Wednesday they will meet in the mornings at 7:50 a.m. Both her and Mrs. Woodard  do small devotions towards the club.  Any fifth Wednesday they will meet in the morning and afternoon. Within those days they have two meetings they pray in the mornings and if they are working on a project for FCA that’s what they’ll work on in the afternoon. 

 Their President Taylor Dodson reads an excerpt from the Bible and they reconcile their thoughts on it. They also take prayer requests and someone prays over them all. Someone, usually Evan Lewis, leads them in a prayer for the day.

“I first joined FCA in freshman year and didn’t expect to be where I am now as President, I absolutely love and enjoy everything about FCA,” said Dodson.

Their new project is the “Eternity Rope.”  The red, wrapped part of the rope is the portion that symbolizes our time on earth and the rest of the rope represents eternity with God. 

“I think it’s important for students to know there are teachers and coaches who share their same faith. I hope they know I will pray over and for them even if they aren’t an athlete, a student of mine.” Said Mrs. Burton