Get to Know the Varsity Basketball Girls


This season for girl’s varsity basketball was a tough one but something just as important as winning for a team is bonding, and the varsity girls have one of the best bonds.

One of the freshmen girls is Laney Hyatt; she is the team’s shooting guard. Hyatt started playing basketball because someone recommended it to her. One of her favorite things about basketball is working with others to improve her game. 

Hyatt doesn’t plan on playing in college, but she does plan on improving this summer by working in the gym with a personal trainer so she can play again next year. Her hobby outside of basketball is watching Netflix. “While getting ready for a game I listen to music, get dressed, and tell my family that I love them,” Hyatt said. 

Another freshmen girl on the basketball team is Kyndal Burke, who is also a shooting guard. She liked basketball when she was young which is why she chose to play. “My favorite part is being around my friends and playing the game.” Burke said. 

Burke is planning on doing track now that basketball season is over. Outside of basketball she likes hanging out with friends. This summer she’s going to improve by working on handling the ball. Her dream is  to play in college for the South Carolina Gamecocks. Before a game she listens to music to help get ready. 

A sophomore on the team is Kaliyah Fulp; she is the point guard for the team. “I played basketball because I played in middle school and it gives me something to do,” said Fulp.  One of her favorite parts is getting to play on the court and getting to know her teammates. 

To better her skills, Fulp is going to workout in the gym this coming summer. She is also going to try out for the girls soccer team. Some of her hobbies are playing soccer, reading, and hanging out with her friends. She listens to music while getting ready for a game. She’s pretty close with all her teammates and she loves all of them. 

Junior Natalie Mack is the team’s power forward and point guard. The reason she chose basketball is because she has always been a fan and it is how her and her father bonded. “My favorite part about basketball is the team becoming one and working together,” said Mack. 

Mack plans on playing at a college level, but she’s just not sure where yet. Some of her hobbies are playing with her dogs and helping teach at her church. She is really close and talks to the whole team. She has a special bag to help her get ready for a game and it contains a water bottle, an arm sleeve, and lots of other important things. Another way she gets ready for a game is by going around and hyping everyone up. 

Heidi Ellis is one of four seniors on the girls basketball team. She plays center and power forward for the team. “I chose basketball because it’s a very active sport and it’s very aggressive,” said Ellis. Her favorite part of basketball is the contact. She plans on playing softball this spring and she has played volleyball in the past. 

Ellis gets ready for games by listening to music and bonding with her teammates. She is decently close with her teammates. Some of her hobbies outside of school include working, reading, taking care of her pigs and chickens, and hanging out with her boyfriend. 

Senior Brooklyn Brooks is the center for the basketball team. Brooks chose basketball because it runs in the family. She enjoys getting to know her teammates and thinks of them as sisters. She likes all the different personalities on the team even if sometimes they clash, but overall they merge together well. 

“I’m planning on doing track now that basketball is over,” said Brooks. She also wants to play at a college level but isn’t sure which college. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and art class. Just like her teammates she likes listening to music to get ready for a game. 

Kaleigh Towler is a senior at Tunstall. She is the point guard for the girls basketball team. She always played basketball growing up so that’s why she plays now. The best part about being on the team is bonding with the other girls. She does not play any other sports, but she does hope to play at Averett University once she graduates. Her hobbies include working and playing basketball. She takes time to herself and listens to music to get ready for a game. 

Katie Tuck is a senior on the girls basketball team. She plays defense for the team. She chose to play basketball because her friends recommended it to her. One of her favorite parts is scoring and she likes the team.. Tuck is a pitcher and shortstop for the  softball team. She likes to listen to music to get ready for a game. 

Playing basketball is a good way to learn lessons and create a good bond with people you probably never thought you would be friends with and these girls proved that this season.