How parking is causing problems

Jacob Wilson, Reporter

Let’s talk about parking spots. We all know how it feels when you finally get the chance to drive yourself to school. You think you have all the power in the world, and you feel like no one could ever tell you anything, then boom… someone steals the spot you’ve been parking in for the last 12 weeks in a row. 

No one really knows why or how parking spots getting taken started, we all just know that it happens far too often. For the most part, it’s either someone that wants to park with their friends or an underclassmen who just got their license. I personally have had my spot taken way too many times, I guess people just don’t know the unwritten rules.

The unwritten rules are a mix of a lot of basic things. Let’s go through them, it’s just common courtesy to not steal a spot that you know belongs to someone else. You just shouldn’t be mad about the fact that they will (understandably) be upset about it. The last rule is honestly just find a spot to park in and stick with it. I mean are these not just basic rules, they’re courteous rules to follow as a driver. 

There are plenty of ways that we could fix this parking problem:

  • On the first day of school, students could pick which spot they want which would then be recorded by the administration.
  • Only juniors and seniors could be permitted to drive to school.
  • Rigorously enforce that only students who buy a parking pass may drive.
  • Although this has already been proposed and will not be allowed, letting students paint their own parking spots would be one of the best ideas. Painting parking spots could help because students could pay extra to paint them, which would give the school extra money, and it would individualize the spots making them less likely to be stolen. The extra money could also cover painting over the parking spots at the end of the year.

Let’s discuss the opposite side of this conversation. Some people will argue that you can’t steal something that never belonged to anyone in the first place, which is understandable, and some would argue that it doesn’t even matter in the first place if the spots get taken or not. 

I know that not a lot of people would enjoy having to have a specific set of driving and parking rules at school; however, it is something that may have to be done. While this might take some time and effort, it would be beneficial for the up and coming students here at THS.