Idle gaming for cat lovers…or just regular gamers

Idle gaming for cat lovers…or just regular gamers

Idle games are a genre of games defined by their feature of being able to leave the game running by itself without the player needing to do any interaction or even be online. Players can leave the game and come back for a quick check-in, feeling more successful from their advancements. 

Players can do some fast upgrading and log out without any more work. This feature gives players of these games more satisfaction from their achievements, and they feel they are having more growth than a normal playthrough game.

A popular idle game, “Cats & Soup,” is a good example of this feature. “Cats & Soup” is a game about cats in different food stations, such as carrots, cabbage, broccoli, and more, that gather ingredients to make soup, and as players progress further, they can also make juice and stir-fry.

“Cats & Soup” allows players to log on, collect their gold coin earnings, and do some upgrading to their stations. The earnings of the game are increased with upgrades to the stations, and each upgrade increases the price of the soup, juice, and stir-fry. While doing so, players get new cats with new ingredient stations and can name and dress them up.

The game came out in 2021 and instantly became a hit with people. Each daily check of the game, players move a little closer to completing the game; however, since this is still a fairly new game, updates come out frequently with new stations and events!

Many other idle games, such as “Cat Snack Bar,” “Prison Empire Tycoon,” “Egg, Inc.,” “Idle Miner,” and “Adventure Capitalist” are also good examples of this play style. These games are easy and fun to play, and they require little work other than a daily check-in.

The only downfall of these games is that they can unfortunately run out your phone battery if you stay on them for long periods of time, which usually won’t happen. If you’re interested in these low maintenance games, they are all available on IOS and Android for play!