Beta fundraising for nationals

Students weren’t goating around at this Beta fundraiser

This week at THS, Beta had a fundraiser for nationals in Louisville, Kentucky, where they will be involved in a huge nation-wide service project. Nationals are a great opportunity for the students going, and money was needed to help them attend.

Beta’s tactic of raising money was with goats! The goats are owned by the Mills Family, Luke and Wendy. Mama goat is five years old while the babies are only a month old. The Mills’ and Tunstall students have spread the word about the fundraiser and the goats, which gained a lot of traction.

Students’ excitement about the kids, or baby goats, was high, and they began to circle around the enclosure, waiting their turns. Students and staff could pay five dollars as a donation to get their picture taken with a goat, if they wanted.

Sophomore Julie Tuck, a Beta member, wanted out to help her fellow members, so she donated to get her picture taken. “I came to support Beta because I love them,” said Tuck.

Beta goes to nationals in the summer of 2023, and they will accept donations until then! Contact Tara Mills at [email protected]