Grocery shopping with Ella Brooks


One thing about me is that I love to grocery shop. Going grocery shopping is one of my favorite tasks because it is a great way for me to take control of my life and what I am consuming during the week. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is very important for teenagers as they grow and mature because it can help with focusing on school, staying awake, feeling balanced, and keeping stable moods throughout the day.

During the week, I usually meal prep on Sundays and Wednesdays using a meal prep notebook. Writing everything down makes meal preparation much easier, and cuts down stress during the week. My favorite grocery store is Trader Joe’s, and I usually go to the one in Greensboro on Battleground Avenue as it is the closest location to Danville. 

Trader Joe’s is known for their low prices, loyal customer base, and their private labeled  foods and other items. Trader Joe’s carries products from their own spice blends to skin care products.

Right as I walk into Trader Joe’s, I immediately buy a bundle of eucalyptus and then head for the fruits and vegetable section. I always pick up apricots, dried fruit, mango juice, and a little bowl of fresh cut fruit. Then, I head to the bakery and pick up some everything-ciabatta rolls, gluten-free coffee cake muffins, plain bagels, and lemon bars. These are most of my favorite carbs.

My number one favorite Trader Joe’s purchase is crunchy curls. They are puffy potato-lentil snacks that are curled shapes. They are light, airy, crunchy, and salty snack puffs. I was introduced to them when I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time, and my mom suggested that I try them as a more healthy snack. 

The farther I go into the store, the more I pick up. The freezer section is the most dangerous for me because I pick up so many frozen meals: burritos, hash browns, mushroom ravioli, and more. The frozen dinners are very convenient for the busy nights after work or dance. 

I even buy moisturizer and hair care because I can’t find any that are more effective with such clean ingredients. My favorite body specific products from Trader Joes are coconut body butter, healthy hair mask, dry pump shampoo, and aloe face moisturizer. In a perfect world, I would live at a Trader Joe’s if it was possible for me. 

Locally, Aldi is the best alternative to Trader Joe’s and they have many comparable products: plain bagels, seasonal baked goods, and juices. When I make an Aldi run I make sure to grab cheddar rice cakes, chocolate hummus, pressed-green juice, and peach tea. Aldi also carries body-care products on occasion.