Spring trends with Ella Brooks


Spring fashion trends are coming in hot this year as the season has just begun, and the temperature is on the rise.. Many new outfit and accessory trends are on the come up for the upcoming warmer months.

I love wearing different styles and mixing up my aesthetics, so these warmer seasons are definitely my favorite. I make sure to have all of my closet staples spring and summer ready because once the weather begins to heat up, there is no going back. Jeans and short sleeved/tank tops are my favorite staple pieces for the spring and summer months.

These pieces, prints, and accessories will be the most popular in these upcoming seasons:


Skirts never go out of style; however, we are seeing them become more and more popular this year. Long or short skirts are a great alternative to shorts, and they can be dressed casually or classy. My favorite skirt outfits consist of a long skirt, t-shirt, and sneakers or loafers. These outfits are comfortable, yet so stylish and elevated.

Long dresses 

Long/midi dresses are also coming into style this year as a form of more modest fashion. Long dresses can be casual for a comfortable day, or classy for a night out or a grad party. 


The basic t-shirt and jeans combo will also never go out of style. It is a classic clean combination that can be thrown on for most events. Using different hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, or a bag can add or change the whole vibe of the “basic” combo.

Longer jean shorts

Jeans shorts have gone from long to short to shorter in the past decade, but the longer designs are coming back into style this year. The 5-inch inseam is modest, comfortable, and timeless. 

Pastel patterns

Pastels and pastel patterns are super in this season with the new ‘coastal grandma’ and ‘coastal cowgirl’ aesthetics begging to arise. These styles are taking over the internet, and are mainly based on pastel prints: flowers, dots, ivy, animals, etc.

Coastal grandma and coastal cowboy are two newer styles that feature floral prints, pastels, sun-dresses, ruffled skirts, light colored tops, and light wash jeans. The main difference is that ‘coastal cowgirl’ features cowboy boots and summery, straw hats instead of white sneakers or sandals. 

Banana clips

Banana clips are slightly different sisters to the very popular claw clips that became trendy (again) in these past couple of years. Banana clips are made of plastic with a long, thin design, flat end and swivel end, and they open from the middle without tearing in half. They are used in a similar fashion to claw clips, but the banana clip is better for ponytails. 

Accessories such as clips and jewelry can really elevate and change the style of an outfit. This year, fashion trends are continuing to evolve with social media and online boutiques.