Prom royalty crowned


Staff Reports

The Tunstall High School junior/senior prom was held this past Saturday night at the Atkinson Barn. Members of the junior and senior class who attended prom voted for their prince and princess and king and queen.

Caleb McCormick and Heidi Ellis were crowned king and queen.

“I was completely unaware and overwhelmed with excitement when Caleb’s name was called, first because it is the first thing he and I have ever won. I may have told people to vote for us, mainly jokingly because it usually annoys people when I mention me and ‘my sweetie,’ but I guess that’s what people wanted,” said Prom Queen Heidi Ellis.

“It was just crazy. We didn’t expect it at all. I was mainly feeling surprised at first. My initial worry that Heidi didn’t win it with me. We celebrated by going to Dairy Queen afterwards, and we took a lot of pictures as well,” said Prom King Caleb McCormick.

Ashton Hammock and Kelsey Hyler were crowned prince and princess for the junior class.

“I was so shocked. I did not expect to win, especially because I didn’t do anything to promote myself. I was so excited, and I was extremely grateful for everyone that voted for me,” said Prom Princess Kelsey Hyler.

“It was all super cool. I didn’t promote myself at all, so I wasn’t exactly expecting to win. It wasn’t until people started to tell me that they had voted for me that winning had even been a thought in my head,” said Prom Prince Ashton Hammock.

“The voting was close, as in past years, but there was a clear winner for each category,” said Mrs. Amy Scott.

“I think that the prom went great! Everyone behaved and seemed to have a good time. I also hope that everyone enjoyed the 360 photo booth this year,” said Mrs. Shannon Calloway who is the prom coordinator.