Looking into Lemon8


Colby Eastwood, Sports editor

With all the talk about TikTok possibly getting banned, its new sister app Lemon8 is on the rise. Lemon8 is considered to be a lifestyle community app specifically designed for a younger audience. People say that it is like Instagram and Pinterest combined.  You could almost consider the posts to be like a blog.

The app was first launched in Japan during May of 2020. Many people found out about this new app from Tiktok. It wasn’t until February of 2023 that the app started to become popular in the United States.

Lemon8 is mainly a photo-based app, but it also has a video feature. When the user posts, they can upload anywhere from 3-10 photos at a time. Like TikTok, Lemon8 has both a “following” and “for you” page. Lemon8 has a wide variety of image-editing tools, which makes it easier to make posts ‘aesthetically pleasing.’

When users access the app for the very first time they are asked how old they are, what pronouns they use, and what they want their username to be. Those questions are then followed by what their favorite interests are including beauty, fashion, wellness, travel, pets, and food. Currently the app has about 4.25 million users.

Under each topic section you can find different kinds of content in the form of recommendations and get-ready-with-me or ‘GRWM’ videos as well as aesthetically pleasing formats. Like Instagram, influencers can tag brands in their outfits to promote their audience to make a purchase.

Byte Dance has also made an app called CapCut. This app is a video editing tool that allows users to speed their videos up, as well as add filters or music to their video. This app makes editing for Lemon8 much simpler. They have also released an app called Tiktok, which has really blown up in the U.S.

Overall, Lemon8 is an amazing app! It is great for people that are new to social media, and are wanting to get a platform started. Lemon8 can be useful to people who are looking for ways to get themselves out there, but don’t know where to start. Since the app is relatively new, it will be easier to start a platform.

How to post

Step 1: Choose your topic

Step 2: Choose the pictures you want to put in the post 

Step 3: Create your cover photo (You want this to be bold so that it draws attention)

Step 4: Make your caption (You want this to be short and straight to the point)

You are now ready to post! Have fun!