Senior award ceremony held for Class of ’23


**Please see photo gallery at the bottom of this article. Tunstall High School would like to thank all of the scholarship presenters.**

As this school year comes to an end, the senior awards started with a warm welcome from Principal Brian Boles. The flags and the National Anthem were presented by none other than our own JROTC.

After the introduction, the first award to be announced was the 1 Dream One team and 3EBoyz Scholarships. These awards were won by Trey Collins, Jason Zelinski, and Brooklyn Brooks.

The next scholarship to be presented was the Allen and Allen’s 2023 George E. Allan Scholarship. It was presented by Mr. Blair Smith to MacKenzie Harris.

Following that award was the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship. This award was presented by Ms. Joan Bradford and was given to MacKenzie Harris.

The fourth Scholarship awarded was the Alpha Kappa Alpha/Alpha Phi Omega by Ms. Trina Holiness-Morris to Jasmine Robertson. 

The Averett University Merit awards was presented by Mr. Corey Thompson. This award was given to Alana Blair, Kailyn Berkley, Brooke Burke, Addison Stanfield, Azel Quintero, Kayley Craig, Kayleigh Towler, Zafiro Lopez, Taylor Patterson, and Canacy Bruce.

The BETA Scholarships were awarded to MacKenzie Harris and Leara Slattery by Mrs. Tara Mills.

The Beta Chi Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship was awarded by Dr. Jessica Jones. This award was given to MacKenzie Harris.

The Billy Stowe Memorial Scholarship was awarded to MacKenzie Harris by the Stowe family.

The Cascade Ruritan Scholarship was awarded to Haley Gates and Christopher Flores-Bravo by Mr. Leon Griffith.

The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region Scholarships were presented to Juan Gonzales, Haley Gates, Haylee Hines, Braeden Barber, Lena Zaher, Alyssa Strider, Andrew Boswell, Ella Brooks, Caleb McCormick, Samantha Owen, Abigail Eades, Ja-Meriona Valentine-James, Jenna Zickafoose, Kayley Craig, Azel Quintero, Madison Hollie, Alana Blair, Lucas Walker, Hunter Keatts, Luke Mills, Heidi Ellis, MacKenzie Harris, and the top ten in the class by Ms. Traci Petty.

The DCC Advisory Board Scholarship was awarded to Luke Mills by Ms. Barbara Brown.

Danville Professional Women’s Association the next award was presented to Gaby Elliott, MacKenzie Harris, Leara Slattery, and Lena Zaher by Ms. Debra Fugate.

The Danville Riverview Rotary Scholarship was awarded to Leara Slattery by Ms. Penny Hudson.

The Jerome David Hatfield Scholarship of Honor was awarded to Lena Zaher by Col. Charles Phillips.

The Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative Scholarship was awarded to MacKenzie Harris by Ms. Priscilla Whirley.

Pittsylvania County Retired Teachers Association was presented by Ms. Mary Helen Allen and awarded to MacKenzie Harris.

The Riceville #168 Order of the Eastern Star Scholarship was awarded to Austin Scarce by Mrs. FreAnda Glass.

Rose E. Baggerly Leadership Scholarship was awarded to Juan Gonzales and presented by Ms. Rose Baggerly.

The SOAR Scholarships were awarded to Brittney Dalton, Wesley Morgan, Kayleigh Towler, Ja-Meriona Valentine-James, Mariana Gonzalez, Lyric Pyrtle, and William Betancourt Molina by Ms. Brenda David.

The Trojan Club Scholarships were presented by Ms. Tanya Jones. This was awarded to Raymond Ladd and Gaby Elliott.

The THS Athletic Booster Club Scholarships were awarded to Leara Slattery and Austin Scarce by Ms. Amanda Oakes. 

The URW Community Federal Union Scholarship was awarded to Addyson Hunsicker, Ashlyn Scearce, Taylor Dodson, and Riley Woodel by Sherry Smith and Cameron Sowers.

The Victory Forever Scholarship in memory of Tunstall graduate Caleb Ashworth was presented by Paul and Kimm Ashworth, to Trey Collins. 

The Wednesday Club Scholarships were awarded to Emma Dowdy and Christopher Flores-Bravo by Ms. Terri Hall.

Wesley G. Honeycutt Historic Preservation Scholarship was awarded to Hadyn Wentz and MacKenzie Harris by Wende and Tessa Honeycutt, Michelle Bowers, and Luke Ramsey.

The PCTC awards were given to Heidi Ellis, Alyssa Strider, Benjamin Barnett, Robert Denny, Brooke Burke, Cole Grobin, Parris Atkinson, Turner Curtis, and Jodi Amos by Ms. Jessica Dalton for excellence in their field of study. 

The Achievement in Arts Awards were presented to Alyssa Strider, Linzey Rigsby, and Evan Bartley.

The Ag. and Tech Education Dept. and FFA Awards were presented by Dr. Jessica Jones to Devyn Conner, Maxsumus Deal, Cole Abercrombie, Will Durham, Tyler Giles, Grayson Robertson, Kaleigh Rucci, Turner Curtis, Brittney Dalton, Cole Grogan, and Luke Mills.

The DECA awards were presented by Ms. Beth Goard to Riley Tucker, Mary Gammon, Skyler Simms, and Mia Davis.

The Drama Department and Yearbook awards were given to Elizabeth Levett, Gwyneth Bowles, and Chloe Leavitt by Ms. Kristen Williams.

English Awards were presented to Parris Atkinson, Bobby French, Jayden Cassady, Caiden Shelton, Raymond Ladd, Michael Frazier, Lucas Walker, Azel Quinterio, Colton Wells by Ms. Adrian Nester.

Abigail Lent and Colin Waller were recognized for their achievement of a 600 on their writing SOLs. 

FBLA awards were given to Andrew Boswell, MacKenzie Harris, Leara Slattery, Britney Hicks, and Hallie Holt by Ms. Kristal Harris .

Journalism awards were given to Co-Editors-in-Chief  Kayley Craig and Sophia Barker. The Interact awards for outstanding service was given to Jacob Oswald by Ms. Adrian Nester.

Science Department awards were presented to Riley Canavan, Alana Blair, Morgan Bird, Brittney Dalton, Aidan Reese, Michael Frazier, Hunter Keatts, Talan Hartford, Ja-Meriona Valentine-James, Leara Slattery, and Berlince Dong by Mr. Iyre Emerson.

The history and social science awards were given to Colin Waller, Azam Khan, Andrew Boswell, Taylor Dodson, and Hayley Goins by Mr. Marcus Huffman.

The Tunstall Chorus letters and awards were presented by Ms. Lisa Totten. The recipient of these awards were Morgan Burd, Selena Bledsoe, AvaGrace Whitfield, Kyndal Poole, Odessa Taylor, Jakie Guinn, Paige Jordan, Destiny Lynch, Brandon Meeks, Jeremiah Knowles, Jason Samuels, Mariah McConnell, Layne Touchstone, Jazmin Villafuentes-Jiminez, and Naudea Stackhouse.

The US Marine Corps Awards were presented by SSG Rogelio Romero. This award was given to Braeden Barber, Gaby Elliott, Ja-Meriona Valentine-James, and Christopher Flores-Bravo for excellence in the areas of athletics, academics, and band.

The Young Writers Awards were given to Alex Wohlstein, Jackson Lester, Carlie Marshall, Abigail Lent, Genna Hyler, Caiden Shelton, Reese Eanes, Hallie Holt, Jasmine Waller, Heidi Ellis, Leara Slattery, MacKenzie Harris, Caleb McCormick, Lucas Walker, Caroline Kirby, Caitlyn Childress, Will McKinney, Hugo Enrique-Marinez, Sophia Barker, Haylee Hines, and Chloe Leavitt by Mrs. Adrian Nester.

The Heisman High School Winners for the School level were Raymond Ladd and MacKenzie Harris. This award was presented by Mr. Brian Boles.

The Athletes of the Year Award were given to Raymond Ladd and Gracie Rigney by Mr. Brian Boles.

The Most School Spirited awards were given to Trey Collins and Chloe Barnes.  

Honor Roll students and Perfect Attendance Awards were announced by Ms. Lisa Totten. Greenly and Gaby Elliott both have had perfect attendance for 13 years. Olivia Collins has had perfect attendance for 12 years. 

The 2023 Commonwealth Scholars were given to Braeden Barber, Riley Canavan, Luke Cassada, Taylor Dodson, Michael Frazier, Jackson Hair, and Dallas Younger by Ms. Lisa Totten 

The Class of 2023 had 65 Early College Scholar certificates presented and 95 honor graduates were recognized by Ms. Lisa Totten.

The Tunstall High School Leadership Award was presented to MacKenzie Harris by Mr. Brian Boles.

The Tunstall High School Principal’s Award was presented to Hadyn Wentz by Mr. Brian Boles.

The Piedmont Governor’s School Salutatorian, Emma Dowdy, was recognized by Mr. Brian Boles.

The Tunstall High School Co-Valedictorians are John Mills, Emma Dowdy, Taylor Dodson, Zachary Payne, and Addyson Hunsicker and were recognized by Mr. Brian Boles to conclude the ceremony.