Exploring different interests with Mr. Sanom


Jeremiah Sanom is a man of many interests. He has had quite a few jobs over the years, such as serving in the military, being a gym teacher, an assistant principal, and a science teacher. 

He served in the military, specifically the army, he was a combat medic and a member of the 82nd airborne, for a few years between January 2004 and January 2006.

Sanom then played at Averett University which he went to for an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and sociology and also a postgraduate degree in education. Afterward, he became a gym teacher at Twin Springs Elementary School, which he did for nine years. 

After stepping in as an interim assistant principal at Twin Springs,  Sanom went on to become a full-time assistant principal at Stony Mill Elementary school for three years. He then decided to go back to teaching because he realized that it wasn’t for him and  liked working in the classroom better. He then came to Tunstall High School to teach Family and Consumer Sciences for five years. 

Currently, he’s the THS ninth grade earth science teacher and varsity soccer coach. One of the perks of being an elementary school teacher and then a high school teacher is getting to see the kids that he taught grown up. 

“I enjoy teaching students I’ve had before because I get to see them in different stages of their life, and it’s also easier for me to work with them because I already know them and how to work with them,” said Mr. Sanom. 

He is also the coach for the boys’ varsity team. “It’s really rewarding being the coach and getting to see my players succeed and learn from their mistakes. Also, it’s fun getting to see them make new friends,”Mr. Sanom said . 

He doesn’t have a lot of free time, but when he does, he likes to hang out with his family as they go hiking, swimming and golfing.