Scholastic Bowl team makes history


Rachel Hayes, Reporter

On January 30, 2016, Tunstall’s Scholastic Bowl Team brought home the win and became the Conference 30 champions. The Trojans traveled to Heritage High School in Lynchburg to compete against teams from Liberty, Heritage, Brookville, and Rustburg.

The first match against Liberty gave Tunstall a huge win of 265-75. Next, Tunstall defeated Heritage with a score of 180-170. The third match was against Brookville where the Trojans lost with a score of 155-180. Finally, Tunstall faced Rustburg and obtained another huge win with a total score of 210-80 giving them a win-loss record of 3-1 and naming them Tunstall’s first ever Scholastic Bowl Conference 30 champions.

The team is comprised of seniors Cove Soyars, Jarret Stowe, Cabell Eades, Jacob Johnson, and sophomore Seth Stowe.

“We felt amazing being that we got to make some history over the weekend,” states senior Jacob Johnson. “We let Seth do a Rocky montage outside.”

This accomplishment only adds to Tunstall’s Scholastic Bowl Team’s wins from this past season. The Trojan’s SCAEL team obtained a first place 26-9 record putting Tunstall at the top of the list involving 7 other schools including Magna Vista, George Washington (Danville), Patrick County, Bassett, Franklin County, and Halifax.

Scholastic Bowl coach Mrs. T. Mills added, “Oh, it felt great. It really felt great.”

The Scholastic Bowl team will move on to the Regional Championship next Saturday at Brookville High School in Lynchburg.