Foreign exchange program brings German invasion

Rachel Hayes, Reporter

Along with all of the new staff members, Tunstall has also acquired a new student from Western Germany. Junior Joe Vengels is a sixteen year old student who is seemingly fluent in English. He moved to Pittsylvania County after his travels to Washington D.C., New York, and Pennsylvania.

“I love cities and New York is the city,” states Vengels.

Adjusting not only to the American lifestyle, but also to Tunstall, the changes have shown Vengels a few differences within the school systems, such as at Gesamtschule Schermbeck, his school in Germany, where Vengels was included in a class of 30, all of which have the same schedule, in which they do not get a choice as to what classes they take.

Vengels’s interest in the United States, along with the assistance of AYUSA, the foreign exchange program, has ultimately landed him in Dry Fork.

“She’s a pretty cool teacher,” Vengels says as he describes Mrs. T. Mills as his favorite part of Tunstall.

Some of Vengels’s interests involve being active in the DECA club. He also enjoys watching television shows and building computer website programs.

Having Vengels as a Trojan certainly enhancing different aspects of classroom discussions. “He has different perspectives, especially when we having heritage or family discussions. He can give a unique perspective,” explains English teacher, Mrs. Potts.

Vengels plans to stay here until the end of the school year in May, before returning back home with all the experiences a small city and close-knit community has to offer.