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The cover of Vol. 1 to the dictionary of teen's language, illustrated by Cheyenne Shreve.

Trojan Messenger’s highschoolegiate dictionary

PSA: For anyone 25 years of age and older: While reading this please do not become salty. The purpose of this article is not to throw shade at any one person due to lack of youth; the Trojan Messenger’s teenage staff is completely aware that some biddies (a woman, sometimes elderly) take the L when it comes to comprehending the proper way of speaking English today. In an effort to enlighten those who cannot understand, we got you fam.

Basic (adj.) A word that describes a person or thing that lacks originality. i.e. She drinks her Starbucks from a monogrammed tumbler while wearing her Jack Rodgers and infinity scarf. She is so basic.

Biddie (n.) 1. singular. A very hot or attractive young woman 2. plural. a boy may be surrounded by biddies or a group of good looking girls. A boy may call a group of girls his biddies.

Bruh (interjection)  One may say “bruhh” in response to a situation that brings him or her exhaustion, irritation, etc. i.e. “Johnny, can you please pick up your mess?” “Bruhh,” exclaimed Johnny.

Cake (n.) “Cake” refers to one’s gluteus maximus. One may have an abundance of cake, a shortage of cake, or a complete lack of cake. One may find an abundance of cake at the beach. i.e. While wearing a bathing suit, one’s cake is slightly exposed.

Cop (v.) To take or steal something i.e. “I am ’bout to cop that cookie right from your lunchbox!”

Fam (n.) Referring to one’s friend as family i.e. “Ron, can you hand me my pencil?” “I gotchu fam!” confirmed Ron.

Goals  1. (n.) An idolized couple or person. 2. Commonly used to describe couples with a cute relationship or a person with an attractive everything i.e. While admiring Cheyenne’s flawless instagram selfie, Abby stated, “Wow, Cheyenne is goals!”

High-key (adv.) The opposite of low-key. A way of performing an action that is very obvious i.e. “I high-key hate school.”

Low-key (adv.) A way of preforming an action subtly in hopes that no one will notice i.e. “I just low-key farted.”

On Fleek (adj.) A state of being flawless or perfect; a combination of being “fly” and “sleek”. i.e. “Did you see Brittany’s eyebrows?” “They are so on fleek!”

Rekt (v.) Refers to one team or person getting severely beaten in a game or embarrassed i.e. “You are so ugly!” “Ohh, you just got rekt,” screamed a random bystander.

Roasted (v.) Interchangeable with the word rekt, however, slightly less effective. i.e “You are so ugly!” “Ohh, you just got roasted, ” screamed a random bystander.

Salty (adj.) Used to describe a person with a mad, or bitter attitude i.e. Cheyenne was salty because I told her that her definition for salty was not good enough.

Same 1. (pn.) The same thing as something previously mentioned; ditto. 2. (no one rlly knws.) A response to any statement or situation i.e. “My face just caught on fire!” “Same.”

Slay (v.) To successfully complete something is to slay something i.e. Rachel is slaying those dance moves.

Squad (n.) A crew or posse that are fond of one another i.e. Brian rolled into the party with his squad.

Throwing shade (v. phrase) To subtly direct sarcasm or a crude comment to a certain person i.e. “I love your outfit, girl!” said Anna as she rolled her eyes. Tiffany, with a confused look on her face, asked, “Are you throwing shade?”

Truuuuuu (interjection) An answer to a posed question/statement in regard to feelings of relativity i.e. “Man, these jeans are tight!” “Truuuuu!”

Werk (v.) 1. A modified version of the word “good job”  that can be said independently  2. If one does something extremely well he or she is “werkin it.”  i.e. *Boy does a back flip off of a coffee table at a party* “WERK!” said some girl in the back of the room.

Yeet (interjection) A more offensive way of saying “sike” that is commonly used when someone is trying to grab something and one takes it from him or her before they can touch it /it is annoying/ i.e. “Hey Trevor, high five!” *Anna moves her hand before Trevor can make contact* “YEET,” Anna exclaimed.

Thanks to your Trojan Messenger staff you will forever be able to roast your friends, and rek your neighbors, and slay, and WERK, and throw shade while sitting with your biddies.


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