Surviving yearbook distribution day


Rachel Hayes

Yearbook editor-in-chief, Logan Patterson, hands out yearbooks.

Allison Crank, Reporter

The Tunstall 2015-2016 yearbook, Iliad Survival Guide, was distributed on April 26, 2016. The staff took a different approach than the traditional theme of Trojan colors.

“I was tired of red,” said editor-in-chief, Logan Patterson.

They started brainstorming the survival guide theme after last years yearbook was published. They came up with the clever idea of creating a manual-like yearbook of how to make it through the halls and classes of Tunstall.

“This was pretty much the year where we could do whatever we wanted,” said Patterson.

This yearbook features a variety of students, events, clubs, and athletic teams.

“We did a survival guide because it’s a good opportunity to feature as many students as possible and that’s our goal,” said Patterson.

Mrs. Williams, the yearbook adviser, states her favorite part as being the content organization. This year the yearbook is organized by grade rather than events.

“The idea was definitely a group effort, the idea was solid within a week, but we continued to add more elements,” said Williams.

There is a total of 376 yearbooks and 34 runoffs (extras). Commenting on the amount of yearbooks sold Logan Patterson said, “You have your whole life in your hand, why buy a yearbook? People don’t realize that you’re going to want to show your kids the high school hottie or the time you painted your face at your sophomore homecoming game.”

The staff decorated the halls leading up to today’s distribution with things like posters and warning signs on the floor.

“I liked the little sticker things on the floor. They confused me at first,” said sophomore Hallie Klauss.

Many students were excited about getting their yearbooks and love the new design.

“I’m not a fan of yellow, but I like how they did it. It’s a change from the red,” says Klauss.

“I like how it’s a survival guide for each grade,” said sophomore Morgan Harris.

There are few extras left, first come first served, $60 each!