“Suicide Squad” takes DC fans by storm

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“Suicide Squad” takes DC fans by storm

Asa Herndon, Reporter

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It’s been almost one month since its debut on the silver screen, and movie-goers everywhere are raving over “Suicide Squad”.  Some are praising it as DC Comics’ movie that will start its renaissance era, while others are not so keen on the review.  Even critics are on edge for the movie with International Movie Database giving it a 6.8/10.  Rotten Tomatoes, however, have given a mostly negative review with only a 26% out of 100%.

For many, when asked what pros they found, many usually give the same answers. Many say that actors Will Smith as Deadshot, Jared Leto as The Joker and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn had astounding performances. Others loved the backstories given to charachters like El Diablo. Fans have said that backstories such as this were crucial to character development in terms of how they were arrested and enlisted into the orginization.

Still more viewers have applauded the makeup on characters like Killer Croc. Characters like him have been reported to have taken around 5 hours to complete before filming even started.

According to critics, this is where the pros end, and a long list of cons begin. Most say that the biggest problem is the inconsistency of the plot, which tends to jump between side plots, such as Harley trying get back with The Joker, or Diablo having to learn to cope with the loss of his wife and kids, or The Joker’s schematics to get to Harley, as apposed to focusing on the main plot: the squad’s attempt to stop Enchantress from destroying the world. Another flaw that has been noticed is that while many of the characters were developed well, others like Katana or Captain Boomerang are said to have an underdeveloped backstory, or in cases like Slipknot, were killed off with little to no information other than their abilities.

More pointed out the large amount of cliches throughout the movie. An example of this would be when Deadshot misses the shot aimed at Harley Quinn, which follows the “character fakes killing other character to save them” cliche, or when Diablo is killed when he holds the main villain down above a large bomb, following the ” protagonist sacrifices themselves for the team” cliche.

Even more people have complained about the lack of logic the movie contained. For instance, when the squad starts toward Enchantress’s layer, Slipknot and Captain Boomerang try to being told earlier if they attempt to flee, they will be executed. While they do kill Slipknot, they leave Boomerang for seemingly no good reason. This decision was met with backlash, and people asking, why not kill both of the people who tried to make a run for it, instead of leaving one alive?

But aside from these cons, the movie has been a very profitable venture. Box office sales have well exceeded $135 million in the U.S. and $132 million overseas. Moviegoers have also given it a high score of “B+” on CinemaScore, which is higher than DC Comics’s previous film, “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice”, which only scored a “B”.

The movie has also had a very profitable marketing campaign, that started with just Harley Quinn merchandise and quickly exploded into items with the whole cast. Advertisement even picked up in the digital world with five Snapchat filters and #squadyourself on Instagram. This allowed people to make their own skull based off of those on the movie poster.

With its widely diverse cast, successful marketing marketing campaign, and high box office earnings, the movie looks to be a hit for moviegoers everywhere, and may receive another another profit surge when it is released on Blu-Ray this Halloween.