Spending time away from my phone and enjoying other things I love. (Savannah Harlow)
Spending time away from my phone and enjoying other things I love.

Savannah Harlow

Giving up social media for a week

October 12, 2016

Some people have a difficult time giving up social media for days, hours, or even minutes. Honestly, going into this challenge of being social-media free for a week, I didn’t know what to expect.

Would I enjoy it? Would I miss it? Would I be tempted to secretly download the apps back on my phone? Would I struggle to break my habit?

I put myself to the test and these are my results.

Day 1: I did think that I would get my homework done faster than normal, but to my surprise, I kept getting distracted by other things than my phone. I went with my sister to the River walk and I looked at the scenery instead of checking my phone every 20 seconds to look at Snapchats.

Day 2: I didn’t get as distracted while doing my work. I guess it was just one of those days yesterday. When I was done, I had time to take some pictures, which I enjoyed doing. Unfortunately, I could not post the ones I wanted to.

Day 3: I went to the state fair with the DECA club. It made it easier to not use my phone and check Instagram like I usually would do.  I didn’t have to worry about my phone dying and having to use others’. I spent time with my friends instead of being glued to my phone.

Day 4:  I spent more time with my family at dinner. I took my time eating instead of worrying about the latest status update or post.

Day 5: I didn’t spend time on my phone at all. I read and used my time to do something else I love. I’ve gotten used to having my phone by now and I honestly don’t care to download them back right now.

Overall, I enjoyed my time away from my phone. It is like a refresher from the negative world . I didn’t have to worry about what she said and he said. It was nice not to worry about all the drama for awhile.

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